Copenhagen Cat Dinnerware by Ree-Yong

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Copenhagen Cat Dinnerware by Ree-YongThe Copenhagen Cat Dinnerware by Ree-Yong is one of the must-have product for you to be able to feed your kitty their gourmet cat treats and cat snacks in an elegant manner.

The Copenhagen Cat Dinnerware has two square bowls for you to be able to place in their water and cat food seperately. There is a large tray that can be used to carry the feeding bowls and when it is placed on the floor, can be used to define the feeding area.

Rather than putting your kitty’s food in an unsightly bowl, this is one of the classic and durable cat products that will facilitate the provision the food your cat wants to eat and the water they have to drink in a decorative way. The walls of the bowl are thick to prevent the cat from making a mess and from them tipping it over. You will love to watch your cat eating their food from their new white or brown Copenhagen Cat Dinnerware set and their cleaning their face in the space the tray provides. This dinnerware set is part of the Copenhagen wonderful cat furniture ensemble by Ree-Yong.

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