Copenhagen Cat Condo by Ree-Yong

Last Updated on August 5, 2010 by Jenny

Copenhagen Cat Condo by Ree-YongThe Copenhagen Cat Condo by Ree-Yong is unique cat furniture that your cat will be delighted with.  This cat condo is more than just a place to sleep. It’s a 3-level high rise condominium unit that will give them more than enough space.

The Copenhagen Cat Condo by Ree-Yong is multi-functional. The top part of the cat condo is a storage box so that you can tidy up their cat toys. The middle level provides beds for cats and it that has a mock suede cushion that can be washed. One the ground floor is where the kitty litter box is hidden away. Three-stories, three different functions, all integrated into one wonderfully appealing cat condo.

Those who want to buy new beds for cats will be able to get the most out of this space-saving condominium. It will be such a treat for cats for them to have the privacy that they want.

You may be able to house up to 2 cats comfortably in it. Again, Ree-Yong, who cares about your pet and your lifestyle, has brought to you another wonderful addition to your home which is the Copenhagen Cat Condo.

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