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Let me introduce Cooper and Kira, two cats with completely different personalities who found each other’s love immediately. They even managed to convert me from a person who didn’t like cats to a ”crazy cat dad”. Now I can’t imagine a life without cats.

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Searching for a Cat:

It all started with my ex-partner wanted to get a cat. I set as a requirement that it would be a social breed and that I would avoid vacuuming all the time, so it became a Sphynx. I immediately fell in love with Cooper. We were told by the breeder that Cooper probably would not like to be alone. After 6 months we started searching for a cat friend for Cooper. We were searching for a social and a little calmer cat, we found Kira who had everything we were searching for.

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Cooper is a Sphynx and Kira is a Cornish Rex, both are 9 years old. Cooper is the tough cat who is not afraid of anything. When I explain Cooper to people who have never met him, I usually say that he is a mixture of cat, dog, human, clown, alien, and monkey.

Kira is the slightly more cautious cat who always thinks one extra time before she does something. She easily gets worried when everything is not as usual. They complement each other perfectly. Cooper gives Kira more confidence and Kira calms Cooper down, she’s helping me get all the energy out of Cooper.

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They’re two glutton, they eat for five cats. Cooper’s favorite food is freeze dried Chicken. Kira’s favorite food is boiled cod and her dry food she’s been eating for 9 years. Cooper and Kira play with each other a lot, I don’t know how many toys I bought and they got as a gift that never has been used.

The only toy they usually play with is catnip toys from Yeowww!. In summer, Cooper has a mini swimming pool that he usually plays with outdoors. He can’t play with it indoors because he splashes so much in the water.

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Cooper is a slightly different cat, he loves water. His best day is Sunday when he takes a bath. His love of water is almost indescribable. I noticed it right away when he moved in with me, he was looking for water everywhere. After only a few days here at home, he jumped into the bathtub when I bathed.

Now he bathes every Sunday with his bath foam and his rubber ducks. When I start the tap for the bathtub, he runs straight up to the bathtub and sits on the edge. When he sees there are enough bubbles in the water, he jumps in. Cooper would have loved to take a bath for hours. But most of the time his bath lasts about 20 minutes.

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Cooper and Kira love to be outdoors. They like to go to the beach and play in the sand or watch the waves from the sea. But the forest is also fun, where you can play with cones and all these smells that are there. I taught Cooper and Kira to go in harness already in week 15, they go perfectly in harness today.

Many people believe that naked cats must be indoors for the rest of their lives. Of course, you have to be a little more careful when you go out with your naked cats, especially for the sun. A tip is to go out in the evening when the sun is not so strong.

Since Cooper is looking for water everywhere, I have to be a little careful when there is water nearby, especially when there are swimming pools nearby. In the sea, he feels that it is too cold to take a bath, but if he is near swimming pools, he usually wears a life jacket.

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When people meet Cooper and Kira, they are usually amazed how social and curious they are. Cooper and Kira start talking right away with every human they meet.

They really want to be everywhere and see what happens. If they do not get enough attention, you notice it immediately by them starting to talk a lot and they climb in your clothes.

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Unfortunately, many people have prejudices against nude cats. With our Instagram we try to show that naked cats are wonderful. That differences don’t have to be a weakness, but rather a strength.

Sphynx cat nude cat floppycat of the week Kira2

Love from Niklas, Cooper, and Kira.  

Information about us:

Name: Niklas Lundström

Work: Correctional Officer

Born: 1983

From: Sweden

Cats: Cooper and Kira

Instagram: Sphynxnille

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  1. Love Cooper and Kira! They are both so interesting, adorable and adventuresome.

  2. I for one LOVE Sphinx kitties and LOVE Rex kitties! Cooper and Kira are gorgeous!

  3. Jennifer Ross says:

    Love these two kitties. In my view, there is no such thing as an ugly cat. Every single cat is beautiful no matter what the breed. Great story!

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