Cool Cat Trees – Part 2

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Cat climbers also sometimes called cat trees are a welcome addition to any homeThe Refined Feline with a feline friend.  These cat trees offer a place for your Ragdoll to relax, to sharpen claws, and to play whenever they want.  A cat tree can offer all of these things, but cat trees Whisker Studioare often considered eye sores and are hidden away.  Hiding them will no longer be necessary with these cool cat trees from a few unique companies.

The Refined Feline has an amazing cat tree with a sisal cat scratching post, several perches that are carpeted and can hold up to 50 pounds, a cubby box that is carpeted at the bottom and a weight to keep it from tipping over. The carpet can be removed for easy cleaning if necessary. If interested you can buy your own at The Refined Feline for $369.99.

If you have more of an artistic side then the Whisker Studio may be your choice for a cool cat tree for your Blue Lynx Mitted Ragdoll. The elaborate cat trees provided on the site are both artistic and functional in nature. These cat climbers will keep your Ragdoll entertained and make your room look fashionable at the same time.  Find your very own at Whisker Studio for varying prices as pieces range from $4 to $52 dollars.

A final shop that has drawn attention is that of Modern CatModern Cat Designs which offers a tall cat condo that will house your Ragdoll to sleep or play.  The rounded cubbies allow your cat to hide, scratch, and climb whenever he or she pleases.  Find your perfect design at Modern Cat Designs for $197.00.

Do you own a piece of pet furniture from one of these cool companies?  How do the products rate? Share your thoughts.

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