Cool Cat Trees – Part 1

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Urban Pet Huas Wave PerchCats are climbers by nature.  Some cat climbers are plain and stand out when placed in a main room in which your cat is likely to use it.  Some cat gyms offer a great place for your cat to get some exercise, but do not offer a place for your cat to just relax.  Get the best of all worlds for your Ragdoll with these cool cat trees.

Square Cat Habitat Cat TreeUrban Pet Haus offers unique cat trees and perches in wave designs.  Created to look as much like art as a place for the cat to hang out, these items are a creative way to entertain your feline friend while decorating your house. Purchase your own for between $99.99 and $149.99 from Urban Pet Haus.

Another cat product manufacturer that has taken creativity to new levels is Square Cat Habitat that offers sisal cat scratching posts that are made into perches or that mimic the look of photo frames.  The cat trees available on this site are made of fiberboard and can have scratching pads and hanging toys added for extra fun.  The cat trees are between $250 and $450 dollars depending on the material that is chosen.

Cat Power Tower also makes a unique cat tree that has a hiding box for toys and treats, several levels to lie on, a sisal catCat Power Tower scratching post, and rotating toy at the top for play. The Cat Power Tower ranges from $99.95 to $399.95 in price depending on extras and the finish that is desired.

Do you own furniture from one of these cool cat tree sites? How do you rate its performance?

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