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Ragdolls CatsToday I was on and happened upon an article entitled, "Common Myths About Cats."

Here’s a quick summary about what it covers:

Myth #1: Even though a cat does not have to be walked on a daily basis like a dog or let outside to go the bathroom, like a dog.  That doesn’t mean they are totally low maintenance. 

Unfortunately, I am all too familiar with the results of myth #1 – all you have to do is quickly look at the Ragdoll Rescue listings on this site to realize that many people don’t realize the amount of interaction a cat requires and also don’t realize the financial responsibility of a cat.

Myth #2: You can leave a cat alone for a couple of days at a time.

Cats really ought to be checked on every 12 to 14 hours if they are left alone while their owner is on vacation.  They can get depressed or into some trouble if they get bored.  Charlie would definitely cause havoc if left alone for too long.

Myth #3: Cats need to go outdoors to hunt and be happy.

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I do believe that cats deserve a breath of fresh air, as we all do.  I let my Ragdoll cats outside with me when I am out there – but they go in when I go in.  I think in today’s world, it is far too dangerous to leave them outside – as there are cars and crazy neighbors!

Myth #4: Women who are pregnant cannot live with a cat. 

This is absurd.  Sorta makes me crazy – same happens when someone tells me that they got rid of their cats when they had kids.  To me when you bring an animal home, it is yours forever.

Myth #5: It doesn’t matter what I feed my cat.

It does and we cover what Ragdolls cats should be eating in our cat food section.

What are some common cat myths that you’re aware of?  For example, ever heard that a string is the best cat toy?  Not so because they can swallow it and then have to have surgery to remove it from their belly!

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