Comfort Window Perch by Feline Furniture

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If you are looking for cat window perches, the Comfort Window Perch by Feline Furniture may be the right cozy cat furniture for your feline friend. The cushion is made from orthopedic foam which is preferable especially for older cats who need the kind of comfort orthopedic beds for cats can provide. Orthopedic foam has been proven to help cats who sufferer from joint pain and arthritis and enables them to have more quality sleep. If your cat has these conditions, or the cat is old, they will get to be able to lounge on this with more comfort than what an ordinary cushion can provide.

Comfort Window Perch by Feline FurnitureThe Comfort Window Perch can support a weight of up to 25 lbs and requires no drilling of holes or screws to attach. It has a swing out support for the wall and an additional hoop and loop Velcro strip to adhere it to a windowsill, without damaging the wall or window surface. The cushion is covered with sheepskin that is machine washable and replaceable.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to give one of these special soft and furry cat perches  to your soft and furry pet?

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