Combo Cat Scratching Platform

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Mr. Herzher's Combo Scratching Platform, Ebony FinishCats love to do many things. Naps, exploring, pouncing, hunting and scratching just too name a few.

Scratching in particular seems to be at the top of their list. The problem is getting them to scratch the right things and not your favorite chair or couch.

The Combo Cat Scratching Platform seems to be just what is in order. This system comes with two scratching surfaces one in front and one in the back. Unlike most cat climbing trees, you can also adjust it to sit at an angle or flat so that your cat can have a variety of angles from which to scratch. The frame is solid wood and comes in two finishes.

The footing is non-slip so your floors will be protected. So finally you can have the peace of mind that your cat is occupied with scratching without doing damage to your furniture. There are also replacement parts available should any component become damaged or just worn out because kitty loves it so much. This is a must have item of cat scratch furniture to keep your cat happy and healthy and your furniture in great shape throughout the years. She will love you for it and so will your couch.

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