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Charlie on the Colorado Catnip Toys Catnip Mat

The Colorado Catnip Toys Catnip Mat is a nifty idea. Jana Belcher of Colorado Catnip Toys picks the fabric (it’s always a little different, so be sure to check her Etsy store to see what current fabric she is using).

The mat is a great thing to place on your kitty’s favorite napping spot, as it can be washed and therefore it ends up protecting your furniture and bed spread. The mat measures 17” x 19” and is lined with fluffy quilt batting. The mat is stitched with an “X” so that the batting will not shift when washed. Edges of the quilt are clipped to make a frayed look. In fact, the more you wash the mat, the more the edges will fray. Mat is made of 100% cotton fabric.

Colorado Catnip Toys Catnip Mat - Deli Link

A deli-link catnip toy (pictured left) is attached to the mat with a large button, making it easy to remove for washing. The catnip toy (deli-link) is filled with organic catnip and pillow stuffing. This catnip toy attached to the mat not only makes the mat attractive to your kitty but also allows for countless hours of play.

Colorado Catnip Toys always welcomes custom orders; you can always request a specific color and design.

The only potential issue with the Colorado Catnip Toys Catnip Mat is that the deli-link toy has ribbons attached to it. If you’re kitty plays hard, she or he may or may not rip off the ribbons and therefore end up swallowing the ribbons. While the ribbons are attractive and provide an additional stimulation for your kitty, for safety reasons, you might ask Colorado Catnip Toys to make you a mat without the ribbons.

Colorado Catnip Toys Catnip Mat Button Closeup


  • 100% Cotton
  • Catnip Toy attached that can be removed for washing
  • Washable
  • Protects furniture from getting too much cat fur
  • Provides exercise and stimulation for your kitty’s Caymus on the Colorado Catnip Toys Catnip Blanket:’s Charlie on the Mat:

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Colorado Catnip Toys Catnip Mat and Charlie

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