Coco and Gigi – Ragdoll Kittens of the Month

Submitted May 11, 2020 Coco and Gigi - Ragdoll Kittens of the Month DSC_6713I am lucky enough to have two little Ragdoll sister kittens that 16 weeks old and are just precious – Coco and Gigi. I’ve had cats my whole life and just love their spirit and personalities, they are all so different and give so much back to us. My last cat Bella lived to be 17 years of age and after a bit of time I decided it was time to get “fresh ones”!
Coco - Ragdoll Kittens of the Month
One of my friends (all pre-pandemic lock downs) has two Ragdolls and I was just hooked by their playfulness and desire to be part of social settings. I was completely hooked! So I set about to learn more about the breed and if would be a good fit for the cats and me in the home together. Coco and Gigi - Ragdoll Kittens of the Month IMG_0077 The more I read about Ragdolls the more I fell in love. After MUCH searching….so many sad scams out there! – I was able to connect with a reputable breeder in my state – Oso Ragdolls. I really like the breeder from the get go as her primary focus was on the cats’ health and ensuring my home would be a great fit for the kittens. Initially I was only looking for one kitten but after a few weeks of seeing these two little sisters together I just couldn’t bear to think of separating them from each other. And thus the “ladies” came to my home. Coco and Gigi - Ragdoll Kittens of the Month It was a real struggle for me personally as usually you get kittens at 8 weeks of age but the breeder was insistent that 12 weeks was better for Ragdolls to help build their personalities, confidence and for their health. ANOTHER reason I really respected Jamie of Oso Ragdolls – the kittens came first. When the time came for meeting the kittens I was pretty instantly in love. They are just so much fun and happy and healthy little babies. I’m thrilled they have each other to play with and I love their little games. Coco and Gigi - Ragdoll Kittens of the Month DSC_6806 I was so surprised at their jumping ability right out of the gate, makes for fun discussions with the kittens 😊 They truly love to play and what’s so sweet is that they bring their toys to me as well for me to engage with them. That is a big first for me as someone that has had cats for years. They truly are just the most social little creatures. If I’m working in my home office they are on the chair chilling out next to me, if I’m in the kitchen or living room the same. I couldn’t be any happier with my two new little ones and am looking forward to spoiling them with lots and lots of love and playtime. Coco and Gigi - Ragdoll Kittens of the Month IMG_0322 I can only say to anyone either getting a first time cat or looking for a cat that really wants to be with their people the Ragdolls are just amazing. They are very social with anyone that comes in the house and just want to be in the mix. Serious fun! Especially with our pandemic times it’s an amazing time to bond with my two little ones and boy do they love the attention. Coco and Gigi - Ragdoll Kittens of the Month IMG_0057
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