Close to Nature Now Cat Litter

Post Published on February 6, 2010 | Last Updated on July 8, 2021 by Jenny

Close to Nature Now Cat Litter

We were sent a bag of Close to Nature Now Cat Litter to try. Close to Nature Now Litter is made by the The Organic Farm Store. The litter recently won the 2009 Editors’ Choice Award for Cat Fancy Magazine.

The litter is 100% natural and organic. There are no chemicals or clay products added. The pellets of the litter are all uniformed in size and contains Soybean Meal and Granulated Potato Starch. You can buy it in a 10lb. or 18lb. bag for $9.99 each or $14.59 each, respectively. So it isn’t necessarily cheap cat litter, but perhaps they could consider offering bulk pricing for so many bags of litter.

Overall, we really liked this product. We like any time that you can recycle cat litter and when it is flushing cat litter. I think we would continue to use it, but would mix it with our clay litter, as the clay litter has superior scooping ability and the combination might be nice. Nonetheless, the pros and cons are listed below.


  • Completely Flushable
  • Biodegradable
  • Easy Scooping
  • Freshness
  • Low Tracking
  • Biodegradable
  • Safe for kittens and cats


  • Doesn’t clump as well as clay litter (see photo below)
  • Smells more like a hamster cage than a litter box – depending on your preference, this could be a pro
  • Cat smells like grain product when you pick him up after being in the litter box

Close to Nature Now Cat Litter

The bag is strong and durable, making it easier to tote around with the worry of it ripping open. The 10 lb. bag is easy to carry and the handle is re-enforced so that it doesn’t tear. The bag has a zipper lock for re-sealing if need be. I dumped the entire contents of the bag into a clean litter box, right next to the clay litter that my cats currently use. You can see Charlie and Trigg’s reaction to it below in the videos:

First Encounter

Here is a video of Charlie checking out the litter for the first time:

Trigg checks it out for the first time:
Trigg definitely liked it more than Charlie did and used the Close to Nature Now Cat Litter box more often:

How It Scoops/Clumps

How it scoops right after they pee:

How it scoops hours after they pee:


Trigg loves plastic bags and had a blast playing with this one:

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