Clawdine – Ragdoll of the Week

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Clawdine is an almost 2 year old Ragdoll.  Her birthday in in June DOB 6/23/11.  We rescued her from a local all volunteer organization called the Guardian Angel.  When she came to us in December 2012 she was very sick and underweight.  She had a terrible cold and needed to be treated with eye drops and special medication for a virus that she contracted because she was in a hoarding situation with a breeder.  She was living with 33 other cats all as beautiful as she is, except many of them were not as lucky because they could not get used to being handled by humans.  I cant blame those kitties because they were treated very badly by the one human who had them all.  We don’t know much of her previous living conditions but we understand that is was very bad.  Clawdine took her medical treatment pretty well although it was very stressful for her.  Our vet saw her a few times, in addition to the virus her ears needed special attention to be cleaned 2 or 3 times a day.

Clawdine - Ragdoll of the WeekWe learned the way to her heart was through her belly.  She had been fighting for food for such a long time that having her own special pink food dish was a real treat.  She doesn’t really like to share her dinner with her brother Julius, so we started giving him a little bit of wet food as well.  The two cats became fast friends, sharing everything else, especially toys and long naps.  Clawdine likes to carry a toy in her mouth up to the top of the stairs, then knock it down with her paw and chase it down the stairs and start all over again.  She loves to be picked up and held and patted.  She is a big explorer in our house, finding closets and corners to investigate.  She has come a long way in a short time.  She was only 6 lbs when we took her home, she is almost 9 lbs now and healthy and bright eyed. We have been interested in this breed since we first saw a ragdoll at our local pet store.  The owners took in a cat there because someone was giving him away due to a pregnancy.  We went to visit him all the time and decided that we needed to get one of our own. We think Clawdine is very special and we hope you do too!

Clawdine - Ragdoll of the Week

Clawdine - Ragdoll of the Week


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  1. Clawdine is gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing her story and know she feels so blessed to be loved and rescued by you. Know you will have a wonderful and happy time with her.

  2. Judy Lynn
    Apr 8 (2 days ago)

    What a happy ending to what could have been a sad one! My ragdoll demands attention and rolls over on his back for a belly rub if we just walk by him & call his name. He is totally spoiled. We got him a little over a year ago from a couple that were moving to Kodiak Is., Alaska with the Coast Guard. He needs special hypo allergenic food that they couldn’t get there. We love him so much–he brightens every day for us. He sleeps in between my husband and I most nights, usually in between our pillows! They are a wonderful breed! Best wishes with your little beautiful Clawdine!

  3. Clawdine will reward you for many years with unconditional love. She is a beauty and will only grow more beautiful with time and love. Thank you for sharing your story of love.

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