Chumlee – Ragdoll of the Week

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20130706_204635I never ever thought I would own a cat. My husband and I could not agree on a dog breed. One day, a litter of kittens was literally born on our doorstep. We ended up adopting one of them since my husband used to own a cat. I then realized I liked cats.

One day, we were watching Animal Planet and they were showing the different cat breeds. One of the featured breeds was the Ragdoll. My husband and I decided we wanted one. We eventually found a breeder and had to wait for over a year because my husband specifically wanted a male and at that time they only had female kittens.

We ended up adopting 2 stray kittens that were crying outside our house, thinking we would not get our ragdoll. A few months later, we got a call from the breeder saying she had a little boy kitten, if we were still interested. We were so excited and adopted him.

first day home prefers bagOur kitten is named Chumlee. (yes, after the Pawn Stars guy).  He was born on April 24, 2013. He loves to play with his adopted siblings – Pork and Beans. Pork ( a male) acted as his surrogate mommy when Chumlee was little. He taught him good (and bad) habits. He even let Chumlee “nurse” from him, which I thought was really strange at first. It seems though that it is not as strange as it sounds. Beans was not too keen to have another kitten at first, but now they love to stalk each other. I think having two good-natured kittens as his siblings were good for his transition from his mommy to our home. They are inseparable.

Chumlee loves to eat, and eat, and eat. He is a quiet cat, but will occasionally “squee” or meow when he is asking for food. He will even eat the leftovers of Beans.

fave spotChumlee loves his bowl. It is an antique bowl that was supposed to temporarily stay in a corner till I figured out where to put it. He has claimed it for his own and loves to sleep in it or just hang out. We never got to move the bowl as he really looks lost when we move it.

He loves toys, anything that moves and towels. Any time we have a hand towel resting within his reach, he will pull it down and drag it around till he gets tired of it. He likes to play with rubber balls. He kicks them around like a little soccer player. my ladderChumlee likes ladders. Whenever a ladder is open, he will climb it. He has recently discovered he can jump high and may no longer need a ladder to reach the unreachable.

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Chumlee likes bags like any cat. When we first brought him home, he jumped into my bag and refused to leave. He likes to watch TV with us, especially if it shows birds.  He also, of course, loves to sleep.

He is a happy cat and we cannot imagine life without him.

watching tv

sibling photo

feb 2014



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  1. Dont you look at life differently with 2 kittys and a Ragdoll in it!They have nothing to offer,but fun love and joy etc,I wake up at 3.00 am too use my restroom and my dolls are both sleeping one on my bed one on the recliner chair which happens to be called a cat napper,both of them snoring lying flat and limp on their backs,happy joyful charachters that amaze me more everyday,they opend my heart,your boy chumlee resembles my baby Ragdoll who is one his uncle is two and also mothered him as a kitten,I was shocked the day I saw the baby searching for a nipple on uncle Murphy.I WISH YOU MANY HAPPY HEALTHY YEARS WITH YOUR KITTYS.bYE NOW Lisa ,Murphy AND Baby CEASAR.

    1. I had a Manx kitten that “nursed” on our older Siamese. They were buddies till the end. I couldn’t get over the nursing part at first, so it helps to know that there are others out there that do the same thing! I have had three ragdolls and will never want any other breed. They are a HOOT! and so loving.

  2. He is such a doll! Great story. The second picture from the bottom looks like he had his hair trimmed???? Did he? Maybe he is super young and his coat hasn’t grown longer yet? He is so beautiful. Mine like small bowls too. Have fun with the trio!

  3. Oh, Chumlee, what a cute and character you are! Thank you so much, Chumlee’s Mommy for sharing such an interesting and adorable story with us! He’s gorgeous (and so are Pork and Beans — gotta lurve those names!).

    So nice that all of your kitties have completed your family! Congrats on having such beautiful and lovely furry babies!

    The pictures are just marvelous!

    Big hugs, head butts and purry cuddles!

    Patti & Pink Sugar (who sez, “Iz he eetins mor dan I eetz? Mebbe him iz my sooo-l matezes!) 🙂 <3

  4. Chumlee is just the bomb!!!! He is so cute and looks exceptionally huggable. Love his story and how he came to you. Sounds like your house is just filled with love. Am so happy for you that you chose your Raggies. Aren’t they just the best ever? Wishing you lots of love and happiness. ♥♥♥

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