Check Out The Discussions Over on the Floppycats Ragdoll Cat Forum

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Charlie working hard on the Floppycats Ragdoll Cat blog
Charlie working hard on the Floppycats Ragdoll Cat blog

I am really excited that the Ragdoll Cat Forum is such a hit – I have been enjoying reading the discussions and participating (when I have time!).

Here are some of the hot topics:

There are currently 81 members, 25 topics and 158 posts – but I am writing this post on August 2, so this could change by the time it goes live on the site on the 10th!  It’ll be fun to see how much it’s grown!

Thank you to everyone who is participating to make it so informative and educational.  I love my readers!


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  1. I am looking to purchase a very special kitten. It can be a Floppycat, a Ragdoll or a Ragamuffins. Seems to me that Ragamuffins have the best colors to choose from, however I do not have any idea how to find out where the kittens are available for sale. I want a kitten that will be very large when grown, a Male with long hair, and I want a black and white kitten, or a black one, or one that is very unique in color. Can some one help me please??? My phone no is 713-829-3232 Thanks Brenda

  2. I need help in finding a long haired, male, large when grown, Would like a black and white, or black, or a very beautiful unique color. No bi-colors, no whites, no creams etc. I love some of the cats that have beautiful multi colors. I am wanting to purchase a kitten. 713-829-3232 Thanks you Brenda

  3. Hi all, I’m new here. And sorry but I’m not sure if I’ve got the right spot for the forum. Anyhow, two and a half weeks ago we adopted a six month old Ragdoll- advertised as purebred and told she was a blue/lilac mitted. I did not get her from a Breeder and do not have papers.
    I wanted genuine thoughts on whether she was purebred, and also confirmation of her colouring. Her coat looks shorter than other six month old Ragdolls I’ve seen photos of, do their coats get fluffier as they age? She is extremely soft like bunny fur.
    She follows me everywhere, not very vocal and seems to be floppy, but she is very shy and won’t let me pet her or pick her up. I know 2 ½ weeks is still an adjustment period for a cat.
    Many thanks!!

    1. Hello, the only way to know if a cat is a purebred Ragdoll is through papers or a DNA test. She looks beautiful and is certainly a colorpointed cat. She looks to be blue mitted. All that really matters is that she is loved and healthy. Her coat may or may not change, but she will probably get darker. Her coat will depend on what she eats, where she lives, her genetics and more. From the appearance of her coat now, I would say it will get longer – fluffier, I don’t know.

      1. Thank you Jenny for your response. Gorgeous site by the way. Yes, she is loved, whether purebred or not. I suspect she’s not 100%, her face is a little too sharp for a Ragdoll I think- Perhaps a little more Siamese in her or something.
        I hope her coat gets fluffier, but either way, it is beautifully soft 🙂

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