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Sisal Cat Scratching PostsCat Power Tower Lotus Cat TreeEvery cat owner knows how important it is for cats to get proper exercise through play. Cat climbers and other cat furniture is where they can do this. Cat Power Tower is a maker of platforms for your cats.

Cat Power Tower offers play, hunt, lounge and scratch platforms all in one tower. The mid-platform has outlets for additional toys to keep your cat busy during playtime. The bottom platform aims to enhance your cat’s instincts to hunt with its holes that you can hide a toy mouse or ball. The topmost platform is where your cat can rest on the lounge. As for scratching, the Cat Power Tower has two side panels and a post made with sisal carpet.

You also have the option to choose from a two-tiered tower or three-tiered tower. Cat Power Tower is environment-friendly, making the cat climbing trees from Rubberwood, Sisal and Mohawk Everstrand carpet.

Built to last, you can replace overused parts or accessorize your Cat Power Tower with feather cat toys.

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Cat Power Tower Lotus Cat Tree

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