Charlie’s 4th Birthday Giveaway!

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Happy 4th Birthday to my outgoing Charlie Mansers!

Happy 4th Birthday Charlie

If you’ve been following Floppycats for some time, then you know on Charlie and Trigg’s birthdays, there is a giveaway of their favorite things (thanks to Oprah for the idea) – the list of prizes is below – it’s quite the package for one lucky reader and the shelter of their choice. Thank you to all the manufacturers who are supporting the giveaway by donating the product and incurring the shipping costs!Charlie Birthday Giveaway 2013

Giveaway Details:

  • # of winners: 2 winners – 1 reader and the shelter of the reader’s choice.
  • Open to Addresses in: Continental USA ONLY
  • Prize:
  • Here is a run down of the prize package (i.e., Charlie’s Favorite Things):
    • Precious Cat – 1 coupon for a 40lb bag of Precious Cat Ultra
    • Neko Flies – 1 Kattipede with Rod
    • Bergan – 1 Turbo Scratcher
    • Whole Life Pet Products – 1 Cat Treat Sampler
    • Petstages – 1 – Scratch, Snuggle & Rest (Cat Bowl) + 1 – Tower of Tracks (new) for each winner
    • Brawny Cat – Sleeky Lounge XL (winner selects color choice – Blue Patina, Lavender Blend and Royal Red)
    • Yeowww! – Catnip Toy
    • Litter Lifter – Winner set is: One Each: Original™, Beamer™, and Travel™, Rescue Set 8 Pack: Four Original™, Two Beamer™, and Two Travel™

If you’d like to enter for a chance to win Charlie’s 4th Birthday Giveaway Prize Pack:

  1. leave a comment on this post letting us know why you’d like to win
  2. For an additional chances to win (up to 5 more chances), share this giveaway Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+ or YouTube, and be sure to leave a separate comment for each social network that you post it on – to let me know that you shared (for example, if you leave a comment and post on Facebook, then you should be leaving two comments.  One about why you’d like to win and the other to let me know you posted it on Facebook).  Be sure to use the following hashtags: #floppycats #giveaway and these Twitter handles: @floppycats @nekoflies @berganpets @wholelifepet @Petstages @YeowwwCatnip when you post!  Here’s an example of what to post: “Enter to Win Charlie’s #Birthday #Giveaway! @floppycats @nekoflies @berganpets @wholelifepet @Petstages @YeowwwCatnip”

This giveaway ends on July 31st, 2013 at 11:59 CT. A random winner* will be chosen in a drawing on August 1, 2013.

*No purchase necessary to enter. Void where prohibited or restricted by law. Winners will be alerted via e-mail. The winner(s) of the giveaway are required to give Floppycats a physical address (to which the prize will be mailed) within 72 hours.  If a reply email containing the physical address where the prize should be mailed is not received, alternate winner(s) will be chosen again by random. Winners may or may not be announced in a separate post following the drawing.

Happy 4th Birthday Charlie

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  1. My kitty Toby “Kiki” is finally coming out of his shell but he appears to be getting just a lil chubby, so I’m thinking that these items will help him to be more active and not such a lazy (floppy) kitty. HEHEHE! One of his favorite toys is the Neko flies. He has already destroyed the kittenator and the dragonator is almost in pieces. Had to tape the wings with duct tape and I’m not so sure that’s good for him BUT he LOVES it!!!! I’ve been so tempted to try the Whole Life Treats but am a little nervous to order a whole bag and then not have him like it, so the sampler bag would be awesome. I love the litter lifter that I have now and it would be great to have a back-up for cleaning and I would be so happy to award We Care For Animals in my little town with these prizes too!!! Thank you for the opportunity and HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHARLIE MANSERS!!!!

  2. Merriest of birthdays, Charlie! My Sophia is a big girl who needs a lot of cardboard scratchers and exercise. She’s gained some weight and now she won’t get onto her new tall kitty tower because the platforms are too small. I think the petstages scratch, snuggle and rest bowl and the Brawny Cat sleeky lounge will satisfy her scratching and resting needs and the neko fliers might help her shed a pound!

  3. WAHOOO! Happy Birthday Charlie!
    ( =~_~=)
    .¸.•**•.¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
    .(“)__(“) (¸.•* (¸.•*¨*•? Have a Purrrrrfect Birthday!

    my 3 kitties would love to be the winners of this awesome giveaway!

  4. WAHOOO! Happy Birthday Charlie!
    .¸.•**•.¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
    .(“)__(“) (¸.•* (¸.•*¨*•? Have a Purrrrrfect Birthday!

    my 3 kitties would love to be the winners of this awesome giveaway!

  5. This would be great fun for my two beautiful cats. If I would be chosen for the winner the second one I would like to it to go
    the the Washington County Humane Society in Slinger Wisconsin,
    this is where I got my purebred rag doll from blue seal. Wonderful and sweet cat. So please give us a good luck to us. They could use them and my cats would love them.
    Thank you

  6. Wow, happy birthday Charlie!!! Our birthdays are so close together; mine is tomorrow! Hope your day is super special, and that you got all the best toys and treats!

    Jenny, it’s so cool that you give away these goodie packs on their birthdays. I know my Bento would be in kitty paradise if he got his paws on some of these things! Thank you for making this available!

  7. Happy Birthday Charlie Mansers! (Lots of meows from my cats in the background!) I hope it’s a great year for you! There are so many wonderful goodies in this giveaway and I know my three cats would appreciate and benefit from all of them. Thank you for another chance to win a great giveaway.

  8. Happy Birthday Charlie you good lookin guy!! We just rescued a 2 yr old from a shelter (we think he is ragdoll, as he acts like it, looks like it) and purchased 2 more rag kitties… So these items would sure come in handy for our cat family! Great product reviews and youtube videos, we love catching up with them! 🙂

  9. WOW, what a huge giveaway! I’d love to win this! I have a home full of my own rescues (failed foster/trapper) who would enjoy everyone of the treats in this prize package. I also volunteer at Caring Friends Cat Rescue. My rescue has about 100 kitties who would appreciate the good love and kindness of this gift. Happy birthday!

  10. Hi, Jenny!

    What a great giveaway on Charlie’s birthday! Congrats to you and him on his 4th birthday! Now he is truly an adult kitty (I’ve heard that it takes about 4 years for Ragdoll’s to reach their full maturity as an adult kittycat). 🙂

    Well, who wouldn’t want to win any of these great prizes! AWESOME! I know my beautiful Pink Sugar (who just turned 9 months on July 7th and weighs in at 12 pounds already!) would love any of these lovely prizes and appreciate them so much!

    Big hugs,

    Patti & Pink Sugar 🙂 <3

  11. First off i would like to wish Charlie a very happy birthday!!
    My 6 month old Seal mitt raggie (who has a blaze marking just like birthday boy Charlie) Zoidberg a.k.a. “Zoidy-loo meow meow” is growing like a weed and is as playful as can be! He would absolutely love playing around with all of those fun new toys, out of the prize pack he only has the turbo scratcher, but my gosh he is always playing and scratching on that thing! For him to have all those new toys and goodies I think he would be in purr-heaven!!!
    Not only would I love for my little meow meow to get this prize pack, but it would be such an honor to give this prize pack to the Animal Ark No-Kill Animal shelter located near me in Hastings Minnesota.
    Thanks for the chance at this awesome prize pack!!

  12. Happy Birthday, Charlie! What a great photo- it could be a greeting card! Although my kitties have a lot of these toys already (via Jenny’s reviews) I would love to win this fabulous giveaway to share with friends who have kitties and a shelter.

  13. One word – WOW! What a great giveaway in honor of a great cat 🙂 I would like to win so my shelter of choice gets a boatload of fantastic goodies. Thank you for the giveaway and happy birthday Charlie, we’re glad you’re here.

  14. Happy Birthday Charlie! I would love to win these great prizes to help keep my new Ragdoll kitten Lyla happy and active. I’d also love to be able to share these with a local shelter. There are so many kitties out there that would love them. Thank you for offering a chance to win such great products.

  15. Happy birthday pretty kitty!

    Mar would totally dig this prize pack! Last month Mar had a lot of vet appointments and stays due to kidney issues. He is feeling better now but I cannot stop spoiling him extra due to daily medicine and special diet foods he must take part in.

  16. Happy birthday to Charlie!
    I think my Ragdoll Kitten Mozart should win this prize package because I am a new cat owner and would love to give him so many things but because I am a college student my budget will only allow me to buy him what is necessary and needed. He is the cutest playful little thing and I will love to have all these things for him to play with and use as he grows up.
    Once again happy birthday Charlie! I love the birthday hat picture!

    Thank you,

  17. Happy Birthday Charlie! I hope my Ragdolls get a chance to win this fabulous giveaway! We love everything in the packages, your cat meommy has great taste in cat toys and snacks! Hope we win! 😀 xoxo

  18. I’d love to help Charlie celebrate his birthday with my four cats (two raggies) all jumping and flopping around with the toys they’d win! I’d also like to share my win with the Universal City Animal Shelter, Universal City, TX. We’d all have a happy time and kitties who need furever homes would be blessed.

  19. I have 2 kitties and they fight over everything. The scratching post, treats and most of all, their toys! I can never seem to have enough of anything. They’re spoiled rotten but to be honest, I wouldn’t want it any other way!

  20. Woo hoo! Happy Birthday to Charlie! My “Charlie look alike” Flewey would LOVE to win this fabulous prize package full of goodies! It would also be so nice to be able to donate another to our favorite shelter! Cheers to our favorite website…!

  21. Happy birthday Charlie! My cat Noodles would love to win, his current scratcher is getting old and he always loves getting new toys, and his birthday is coming up in early August. And we only use natural litter, so we’d use the litter coupon to buy some for our local shelter.

  22. Love my Ragdolls: Jasmine (you remember her) and Desiree both from Soulmates, Lora Tesh! They have become such an integral part of our family. Both of them just love our three human kids (17, 14, & 11). They rotate sleeping with one of them each night!

    This prize package would be a great Thank You Love You to Jazz and Desi.

    I really enjoy Floppycats!

  23. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of the most gorgeous Raggies ever- my secret crush, Charlie! And of course, we want to win!! Your guys have great taste in cat stuff. All those things are fabulous!!!

  24. Happy birthday! I would love to win this giveaway for my cat, because he can’t win things for himself! And how awesome to win not only for yourself/cat, but for other’s who don’t have a permanent home yet.

  25. Happy Birthday to Charlie! Thank you for the opportunity to win and to help out a shelter! How fantastic! I would be funny if we won because my husband’s name is Charlie. hahaha

  26. I work with rehoming older Bengals and Chausies, many have been breeders for the majority of their life and need to (re)-learn socialization and good home manners. What better way to learn humans are OK than to teach them how to play? What better way to celebrate a birthday by giving another cat a chance to live a good life in a forever home?

  27. Happy Birthday, Charlie! 🙂

    Many thanks to you and your fabulous sponsors for offering such a generous giveaway. I would love to win because my own little ball of fluff celebrated her 2nd birthday last week. Also, my local shelter is losing half of their funding, so it would be wonderful to help them in any way possible.

  28. Happy Birthday Charlie! I love the party hat!

    My little fur monster would love the prize package. We recently moved, and while he’s settled into the new environment, I think he could use some fun new things in his space. I know he’d really enjoy the lounger (and I would too, a much better option than the sofa!), though the most popular item would definitely be Kattipede.

  29. Happy Birthday Charlie! My big boy Shuggy would LoOOoOoove some fun new toys n yummy treats! Pick us! Maybe we can hang out and watch some birdie videos and play with nip! hehe

  30. My Reese’s would love to win this because she she often does not get many new things and she has to share her space with a dog who has many, many toys. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  31. I would like this for my cat Bunny because he is getting older and enjoys his comfort, yet still has the energy to play with my kids. He is a great cat and never has a temper with my kids so he deserves some treats.

  32. First off…..Happy Birthday Charlie! And many many more!!

    Gabe, Zach and Hannah would love to win the prize package you’ve put together as they love treats and playing! And I know the kitties at HELP Humane Society in Belton, MO would LOVE all the goodies too!

    You have a GREAT birthday and the kids are going to have a catnip party tonight in your honor!

  33. Happy Birthday Charlie, you big beautiful boy!!! Gus would like to win some of your favorite things so they can become HIS favorite things too. Hope you have a great day!!

  34. Happy Birthday Charlie!!!
    I am long time foster cat mom, mom to 6 beautiful cats and foster to 5 troublesome kittens who would all enjoy these wonderful treats and toys and so would the shelter I work with!!!

  35. First off, a very Happy Birthday to you Charlie! I would absolutely love to win this package as I am getting started again with a Ragdoll (1st time with this breed and stoked!) after losing my sweet Tabby named Tigger to cancer after twelve wonderful years of pure love and friendship. It would be nice. Thanks for all of your awesome videos Charlie!

  36. First of all, Happy Birthday ,Charlie you gorgeous boy !
    I would LOVE to win your favorite things for my favorite four feline babies . I know they would LOVE all of these wonderful items. I’ve been wanting the Brawny Cat lounger for my babies for awhile now but I really can’t afford it right now. My babies deserve some fun things in their life , Mommy tries but , this prize would be awesome!!!!

    1. Hey Shelia – Every kitty needs a Sleeky Lounge XL! If your kitties promise to share, I will send you one that Pippit swiped and stashed in the back. I think it’s a Royal Red one. Just go to the Brawny Cat website and email me your address and we will get one out to you.

  37. My Blue Boy will also be 4 years old on the 28th of July and this would be a get birthday for him. Happy Birthday Charlie and wishes for
    many morew to come.

  38. I have 4 himmy cats. Can’t wait to get a ragdoll to add to the family. I would love for my cats to have a few new toys AND have our local no-kill shelter to have this prize package. Thank you for the opportunity!

    Happy Birthday, Charlie!

  39. Oh why I’d like to win “Charlie’s 4th B Day Giveaway” I am typing this for my cats: Pearlie, Abu, Rosy, Cubby and La La. They are very fun loving Ragdoll cats with huge personalities. Pearlie would love Yeoww cat nip toy and sleakie lounger, Abu would love litter lifter and Precious Cat Food, Rosy would love Turbo twister scratch around, Cubby would love Pet Life Toys, and La La she just loves Charlie. Well La La just loves everybody and is such a good hugger too. Me and my cats’ would like to wish Charlie a very happy birthday ! Thanks =^,,^=

    1. I forgot to mention, I volunteer at “Stephens County Animal Shelter” I help to socialize the cats. I only work with the cats and there are some real beauties there. I write little bios about them so that when they are taken to a pet adoption exhibit, like at Tractor Supply then people will begin to learn about what type, breed and personality they have. Our shelter has placed over 100 dogs and cats this year so far! Which is a record 🙂 We are in need of a good scratching item, toys, food and other kitty things. And most grateful for whatever donation the shelter receives. Charlie is amazing!

  40. My kitties Nila and Casper would love to have some of these amazing toys. By the way Happy Birthday Charlie you don’t look a day over one. I think one of these toys would make a great gift for My baby Casper’s 2nd Birthday which is on the 9th of August. 🙂

  41. Happy birthday charlie man,
    i would love to win the prize because i have a very curious Ragdoll kitty. Her name is Dara and she loves to explore new things. She loves the banana yeoww catnip. We live in Australia so there isn’t much products that cats like so i would love it if i won the prize. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHARLIE!!!!!

  42. Happy Birthday Charlie! Eat tons of treats today!

    We just moved to a bigger apartment and my girl, Misty, would love to have more interactive toys (the laser pointer messes with her head after a while, I think), so we would love to win this prize pack. Plus, as a volunteer at my local shelter, I know all the kitties there would also love these toys (especially the stick toy)!

  43. I would like to win this, because my cats need more to play with and they are soooooo picky. I have three a 13 year old, a 6 month old and a 3 month old. Let the party begin. I have spent 100 of dollars on cat stuff and than donated because they are so picky.

    Hope my three boys win.


  44. I would love to win this prize package for my own cats as well as for my foster kitties.

    I foster for Project Purr of Baton Rouge, a rescue organization that pulls specifically from Companion Animal Alliance – a kill shelter in Baton Rouge. They are a wonderful organization, and can always use new items for the many cats and kittens they rescue, foster, and adopt out to new forever homes.

  45. Oh my goodness, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Charlie!!

    This prize package would satisfy both of my boys – they are litter mates and brothers by birth, but they are different in several ways. The Tower Ball Track would make Rok go absolutely bananas and Bean would get REALLY excited for the Neko Flies. Both boys would LOVE the catnip filled assortment of toys and there would be a daily battle for both scratcher/loungers. I would love all of it and enjoy watching their excitement; I would especially be excited for the litter lifter as my current scoop is not the greatest. On top of this, the Whole Life treats would be wonderful for Bean as he has a sensitive stomach. We all hope to hear from you!

  46. I’m SO happy that I logged on to floppy cats this evening!! I would love to win this pack of prizes! I desperately need all of these goodies for my new girl. I adopted a 4 month old ragdoll kitten a week and a half ago from a breeder while I’m visiting my mom in another state. The breeder was having to rehome all of her cats and kittens for an immediate and unexpected move out of state. I fell in love with this little seal mitted female and couldn’t let her go.

    So I unexpectedly have this kitten, we get on a plane friday night to go back home (hope she does well!) and have absolutely nothing for her. This would help me tremendously. Not to mention that I put a deposit on a future litter from a breeder in Alabama before I left for my vacation. So in about 4 months I will have another ragdoll!…I’m quickly falling in love with this breed. I ca. See why they are so popular! 🙂

    The other reason I would like to win this set is so it can be donated to my local animal shelter. I am on a roller derby league in Cookeville, Tennessee (the Demolition Dolls-we are on facebook) and we are a big bunch of animal lovers. So much so, that every month we try to have at least one event to benefit the local animal shelter where half of the proceeds are donated to help the animals 🙂 We also take pictures with some of the animals every week and feature a pet of the week on our team page and personal pages to try to get them some exposure so they can get adopted.

    This set would definitely be appreciated by me and my girl, the future ragdoll I will own, and most importantly the local animal shelter. They would be so grateful.

    Thank you for offering all these great giveaways!

  47. ok, finally posted on youtube! Took forever to figure it out. I’m not very computer literate

    but I really want those goodies 🙂

    Thanks again for the awesome giveaways!!

  48. Happy Birthday Charlie! we love all the cool kitty products you reccomend! We would love to win this super birthday package and play with all the cool stuff! In addition we would like all the kitties at the Erie County SPCA to have some cool things to play with while they wait for their forever homes! Lots of Love, Bocce, Biscotti and Vito!

  49. Mason & associates would love to win a prize package! What they won’t use, I’d give to my friend’s 3 cats or my other friend’s 2 cats. =^..^=

    My shelter of choice would be Second Chance Animal Rescue Foundation in Lamar, CO., where Mason came from.

    Happy B-Day, Charlie! That nose blaze reminds of my dear departed tuxedo boy, Roscoe.

  50. Happy birthday Charlie!!! May your mommie get you everything your precious kitty heart desires. I would really love all the gifts but the Ultimate Cat Scratch Lounger by Brawny Cat would be AWESOME. All cats need a place to scratch and sleep!

  51. Happy Birthday, Charlie! Don’t you look cute in your birthday hat. Hope all your kitty wishes come true. I would like to win this prize pack because there are so many things included that I know my kitty would love and it would make some pretty awesome kitties at the shelter quite happy.

  52. Happy Birthday Charlie! Hope you have had a great celebration and got lots of nice gifts. I bet there isn’t much you don’t have since you are probably a little spoiled:) You would sure be spoiled if you were here with me!
    I would love to win this giveaway and have the Boone County Animal Shelter receive the same package. They are located in Burlington, KY.
    Praying to win:)
    Thanks for a chance to win such great giveaways.

  53. Happiest of Birthday’s Charlie! There is a very special place in my county that animals go to try and find their forever homes. This facility averages 25 cats and 25 dogs daily. This staff of six incredibly loving caregivers take in and try to find homes for over 700 animals a year. I admire the dedication this facility has for unwanted pets in this financially inept county. I would gladly donate my prize as well to The Humane Society of Polk County. 555 Sage Road. Winter Haven Fl 33881. Phone number 863 324 5227. I hope Charlie has a great birthday. Love Susan and ragdoll kitten Romeo♥♥♥

  54. Happy Birthday, Charlie! You make the entire internet a better, more beautiful place, Charlie <3

    And how lovely and generous to share so much love on his bday! Both our kitties, but especially Kismet, our baby ragdoll, would just have the best time partying it up with these toys. She's growing like a weed though and in the month and a half we've had her, she's literally doubled her body weight. A roomier scratcher would be most welcome! And she'd just flip for the nekko flies! Literally, even, haha. It'll help her maintain her svelte, girlish figure as she grows into her full ragdoll beauty.

    Also, I'd love to help out the Burbank animal shelter near us. They do such an amazing job rescuing, fostering and adopting out kittens and all those sweet babies would just love these toys, I'm sure.

  55. Happy Birthday Charlie! Hope you have a pawsome day and all your dreams and wishes come true. We would like to win cause you really have pawsome taste in toys (and treats) and we could really use some new ones 🙂

  56. Happy Birthday Charlie! I would love to win this giveaway for my two ragdoll kittens that I’ll be getting on August 17th( 1st time ragdoll owner,can’t wait!!)I know they would enjoy all the prizes.

  57. Happy Birthday Charlie! We are adopting our first ragdoll kitten, and first kitten ever, through Angelight Ragdolls and could NOT be more excited! He isn’t coming home for at least 6 more weeks but we are already starting to prepare for him. As first time cat owners we’re looking for guidance and advice and having these products with Charlie’s paw print of approval would put us on the right track!

    1. Hi, Kensley:

      I hope you win! We just got our very first Ragdoll kitten (Pink Sugar) back in January. She is unlike any cat we’ve ever had!

      As first time cat owners you and your family have definitely made the right choice, I think! A Raggie is such a special “little” (not little for long!) addition to a home!

      Best of luck with your new kitten!

      Warmest regards,

      Patti & Pink Sugar 🙂 <3

  58. Happy Birthday Charlie!!!
    The reason I would like to win. We have 5 cats and I would like to give them some new gifts for their collective Birthday’s.

    Ladyblueeyez1960 (at)(aol)(dot)(com)

  59. So much nice stuff in that package! Our cats, Zippy and Angel, birthday is coming up in August, so it’d be wonderful to give them the prizes in this pack for gifts!

  60. Happy Birthday Charlie! Would love to win this give away because I have a new kitten on the way and this would be a greasy way to try several cool products with the kitty to see if he and Charlie have similar tastes 😉

  61. I’d love to win this prize for my youngest girl and my soon-to-be-7 year old boy since they will both have their birthdays in a few short weeks! We just moved and now that there is a (very cute but very loud) dog in the house, they have not been very happy. I think this wonderful prize would be a big help! Happy Birthday Charlie!!

  62. Happy birthday Charlie! Callie would just be the happiest kitty in the world (well, besides Charlie of course ^_^) if she were to win all those goodies. She also be very happy to donate to La Grande Animal Shelter in La Grande, Oregon. Hope you guys had lots of fun and wish many more birthdays for the future ^_^

  63. Happy Birthday Charlie! I would love to win this prize because I am soon driving 8 hours round trip to pick up our family’s first Ragdoll kitten who is also the first pet my girls will ever have! We can’t wait! I know we need ALL of these great giveaways to help us prepare for her arrival!

  64. Just got the boys…. Denali and Bentley. My 2 new kitten ragdolls.
    Denali is a Lilac Point and Bentley is a seal point mitted. They are hilarious and they deserve new toys. They are getting neutered next week and need happy things to ease the pain. They make my like wonderful. I hope they win.

  65. Just want to woof you a happy Meowday, Charlie! We passed your info on for any last minute tweeters, but we don’t have any meowses in the house; so we’re not entering! Give your typist a sand-papery lick!

  66. We are entering this awesome “Happy birthday, Charlie” prize package….well, because it is an awesome giveaway and we love Floppy Cats! If we win, our two love bugs will be sharing their winnings with family and friends that have cats and kittens…except for the treats….they love Whole Life treats!!!!!
    At this time, I couldn’t decide on a shelter. There are so many deserving ones. I will narrow my choices to just one if we are chosen!!!
    So, happy, happy again Charlie!!!!!

  67. Ah! We’d love to win these prizes!!! Our Stinky LOVES Charlie – she sits on my desk with me when we watch his videos. 🙂 She’d also love all of these fabulous prizes, as would our new Ragdoll, Roxi Blu, who will come home on August 25th!! =)

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