Charlie’s 4th Birthday Giveaway Winner’s Report!

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IMG_1822I can’t tell you how much I love it when I giveaway winner reports back about their winnings.  Often times, I have not ever tried the product, so it’s important for me to know too.  Of course, all of the things given away for Charlie’s 4th Birthday, I do know well…so it’s exciting to hear what someone else has to say.

We are thrilled to have won Charlie’s 4th birthday giveaway!

As a background: I have 2 furbabies that are just over a year old; they are brothers from the same litter but completely opposite in many aspects.  Benny (aka Bean) is a seal lynx mitted with white and Rokefeller (aka Rok) is a blue colorpoint.  Although Rok is older by birth, he is my bigger baby, has a louder voice, and is a huge cuddle bug.  Bean is a firecracker who has learned a few tricks and even likes to play fetch; and although he does not love being held (he tolerates it), he loves being around people.  Bean and Rok are the sweetest kittens I know and I could not imagine my life without them.

IMG_1934Back to the prizes: shortly after receiving the news that we won Charlie’s 4th birthday prize package giveaway, boxes started showing up at our door and it was like Christmas in August; we were thrilled!  Within a few hours, the boys had already played King of the “Sleepy Lounge XL,” Rok had broken in the turbo tracks and Bean could not get enough of the NekoFlies Kattipede with Rod or the Scratch, Snuggle, and Rest.

Now that we have had some time to use the products, I can see why they are some of Charlie’s favorites:

  • Precious Cat – I like this litter because it really holds its clump and does not fall apart while I am scooping it.
  • Neko Flies – 1 Kattipede with Rod – The boys go absolutely bananas for this toy and I have to keep it on a high shelf in a closet until we are going to play with it.  Bean will actually sit in front of the closet door and stare at me until I get the wand out.  Rok loves it too and I have been impressed with how well it has held up to my boys’ abuse.
  • Bergan – 1 Turbo Scratcher – In the past, I have purchased tracks and Rok has the ball out within IMG_1887minutes.  This turbo scratcher has held up to the strength of my beast, Rok, and is a favorite scratch location for Bean.
  • Whole Life Pet Products – 1 Cat Treat Sampler – These are GREAT!  I love that they contain just 1 ingredient; Bean is allergic to grains, these have been gentle enough on his stomach.
  • Petstages – 1 – Scratch, Snuggle & Rest (Cat Bowl) – This is one of Bean’s new favorite places to hang out. –  1 – Tower of Tracks – This is one of Rok’s favorites; he flips over on his back and plays with the tower upside down.
  • Brawny Cat – Sleeky Lounge XL – We chose the Blue Patina version and I have it next to my bed.  IMG_1879I have found Bean sleeping in the lounger every morning when I wake up.  Also, when they are laying on it (separately or together), they look at me and it is like they are saying “It’s about time you got me a lounger big enough to hold all of me.”
  • Yeowww! – Catnip Toy – Both of my guys are affected by catnip and they have been fighting over who gets the toy.  I have only given them the “polluck fish” and a ball from the Yeowww! prizes we received.  I love that the fish is long enough for them to hold and bunny kick.
  • Litter Lifter – I LOVE THIS!  I used to spend a few minutes each morning scooping their litter box as they only use one (I used to have several IMG_1932and they both would only use the one), so I like to keep it clean as they have not had any problems using the litter box yet (*knock on wood*).  The litter lifter is FABULOUS because I use a large plastic tote as their litterbox and it only takes 3-4 swipes (less than 1 minute) with the litter lifter to completely scoop their box.  AND I don’t feel like I am wasting a bunch of litter every time.

IMG_1899We are so lucky to have been chosen as the winners and the products have become some of my favorites too!

Carly, Bean, and RokThanks to Carly for submitting this!

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing how much your sweet kitties love their prizes. Congrats and hope they have much fun with all their winnings. Know that the Scratch, Snuggle and Rest is cherished by my two and really sad they are discontinuing it and glad you got one before they are all gone. BTW, your two boys are adorable!

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