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I grew up with cats and always loved them so much, so i knew that when i was finally grown up and out on my own i would own a cat of my own. I pet sat for a family who had Ragdoll cats and fell in love with them. I did research online and found a breeder about 2 hours from where I live. I dragged my boyfriend at the time with me to go see the kitties (he was totally against me getting a cat, but I did not care) When i went to meet the kitties i was told that the litter i was seeing was born on February 9th. This is also the day of my Birthday, so i knew i just had to have a kitten from this litter. I picked out a blue mitted little boy, and a few weeks later i went to pick up the love of my life…My boy Charlie. I named him after my Grandfather who was very

Charlie as a kitten
Charlie as a kitten

special to mom still jokes to this day that its funny cause my grandfather was not much of a cat person.

When i brought Charlie home he was about 9 weeks old…he was so cute and little and he developed a cold. It was awful. I felt so bad for my little baby. I took him to the vet and they said he had Feline herpes. One of his eyes was so runny and his little nose was so snotty….my boyfriend and i would literally run for cover when he sneezed!!! LOL.. Luckily he didn’t act very sick though..he still was very active and ate great! We put him on antibiotics and the


Vet said as he got older his immune system would get stronger and he would get better and he sure did…he grew into a HUGE healthy boy! Oh and by the way the ex boyfriend who claimed he didn’t like cats, soon came to love Charlie too 🙂

Charlie just turned 5 this past February. He is literally the LOVE of my life! He has his quirks, but for the most part he is the sweetest most loving boy and he def knows I’m his momma and he lets me do pretty much anything to him. In typical ragdoll fashion he greets me at the door all the time no matter what time i get home…if he isn’t charliethere i get worried. He also loves his belly rubs…he follows me into the kitchen every morning and flops down on the floor to let me know he wants one. Another thing he does that i love is most mornings he jumps on my bed and sits right on my chest and stares at me (although sometimes i get his butt instead of his face!)…all 16 lbs of him! Definitely a great start to my morning. Charlie is of course an indoor cat, but he loves to sit by the open doors and windows once the nice weather comes around as soon as hears the doors open he comes running.

Charlie and brothers
Charlie and brothers

Charlie has two Brothers who are also Ragdolls, My seal point Jackson who is 3 and my Roommates cat, a blue bi color Finnegan who is also 3 (Finnegan and Charlie have the same mom and dad). Charlie definitely lets his brothers know that he is the alpha cat…he loves them, but when he gets bored he likes to annoy them, one second he will be chasing Finnegan around the house and the next minute they are sleeping next to each other on the bed.

My friends all make fun of me because of my cat obsession, but it doesn’t bother me…Charlie and my other fur babies bring so much joy and happiness to my life..i could not imagine my life without them! If that makes me a Crazy Cat Lady, so be it!!! 😉






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11 thoughts on “Charlie – Ragdoll of the Week

  1. Betty says:

    A bevy of beauties to be sure! Charile is so pretty. 16lbs on you in the AM – the thought makes me laugh. Thanks for sharing your beautiful story, along with all the eye candy!

  2. Beth says:

    “All I have to do is lie here looking beautiful and vulnerable – Bingo! I’m a movie star!” Yes, you are, Charlie 🙂 Loved all the pictures, especially the second from top (funny face kitten) and last before video (black and white with blue eyes)… great photography! Your Ragdoll boys are all SO cute! Thanks for sharing with us 🙂

  3. Geo says:

    He is just beautiful! His chin looks like a little white beard. Lovely story…So cute how he and his two bros watch out the door like it’s their TV. Lucky boy– it is clear that he is very loved! ; )

    • christina says:

      Thank you….I have that pic of them looking at the door framed in my house..i keep meaning to send it to the 365 cat calendar! I love it! Charlie def is a lucky boy and soo loved, but im also so lucky to have him 🙂

  4. Suzanne says:

    Charlie is just beautiful, I love his very white chin! You’re lucky, and he is too!!
    Thanks for sharing him and the great Pics!

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