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Morris Rescue WatchEver wanted to help out a cat in need but didn’t have the time? Perhaps you’ve got a few cats of your own and work much of the time. Whatever your reason, you don’t have to feel disappointed that you can’t help out. Morris the Cat and 9Lives have come together with the ASPCA to feed the cats that come into shelters. This sounds great and all, but what makes this project different from most other ones? Well, here’s the kicker: you can help feed a hungry cat simply by watching cat videos on Morris Rescue Watch. For every view that a video gets, a single meal is donated. This can go on until 1 million meals have been donated.

In addition to the fact that this is a super cool charity that gives you an easy way to help out struggling cats, you can also enter your own cat for a chance to win a contest. This contest is for owners with videos of their cats being especially silly, hilarious, and/or sweet. Three people have the opportunity to win a year’s supply of 9Lives cat food and a $3000 donation to any animal shelter they choose.

This is an excellent opportunity to give back that doesn’t require too much work on your part. Besides, who doesn’t want to spend more time watching cat videos?

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      1. Thanks, Jenny! The videos are so precious (and hilarious) and I’ve watched them over and over again without tiring. Just laughing like crazy and the silly antics, cuteness and how smart these adorable kittycats are!!!! Having a blast and supporting a great charity at the same time. What could be easier or more fun?! 🙂 <3

  1. Hi Jenny, with all the craziness going on in our world today I can look at one of your videos of precious Charlie and Trigg and laugh along with you! I even hold the I-pad so my Callee can watch and she seems to like your videos also!!! Thank you so much from another rag doll lover!!!:)

  2. awesome!! I give money to the humane society every year and this is another that I feel is very important. I will watch lots of videos and I think i’m going to try my hand at making one of my sweet and funny boys. and I agree with jane. I watch trigg and charley and listen to jenny talking to them and I laugh and smile and i’m so grateful that there are still wonderful people out there that really love and care for their furry children and are willing to educate us to help us in being the best parents to our furry children. bless you !!

  3. DO NOT SHOW Charlie and Trigg the “Service, Please” video. If you haven’t watched it, I don’t want to spoil the fun for you. I sure hope I don’t see the object in question in a product review!!

    I agree with everyone else: Thank you, Jenny, for sharing da boyz with us, especially the memory of precious Rags. They make me smile. Charlie’s impatience; Trigg’s quirkiness. I love ending the day with the video of Caymus meeting Charlie for the first time on the stairs. I cannot watch Rags right now, not quite yet, maybe never again, but I am so glad to have met him, to have watched him walk with such nobility in the garden, his step cautious.

    And thank you for your product reviews. I focus on the somber: Terumo needles, slides, phosphorus binders. Sometimes I forget the fun, and I need to explore a world outside of blood chemistry: “Lighten up, Lady!!”

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