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Caymus the FABULOUS! Caymus would like to welcome you to the Caymus Videos. Caymus is one heck of a cat. Caymus is a sealmitted Ragdoll cat. You can learn more about him by going to his main page: Caymus and Murphy. There are a number of videos below. Including ones with Caymus’ half-brother, Murphy, who I affectionately call, “Beau”. There is also one with Caymus and a toad. Please know that the toad was not harmed in the making of the Caymus video and Caymus is actually very gentle with him (in fact, I had to kick Murphy out of the room to get this footage because Murphy was not as gentle and the gentle fabulous giant, Mr. Caymus). If you’d prefer to see Murphy’s videos, he has some as well: Murphy’s videos There are also a couple of Caymus videos of getting pretty upset about Napa, a German Shepherd. Napa lives with Caymus on a regular basis, but Caymus isn’t one for dogs. He does his best to tolerate them, but when Napa gets crazy, it drives him crazy!! So the videos of Caymus hissing are examples of this. As you can tell in the videos, Napa isn’t really bothering him–since you cannot even see her in the video. If you have any ideas of what sort of Caymus videos that you would like to see on, please do not hesitate to contact and suggest Caymus videos! Caymus and The Toad: [youtube][/youtube] Caymus Growling At Napa (A German Shepherd Out of Camera Range): [youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube] Caymus, Sittin’ Pretty and Cleaning Himself: [youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube] Caymus Getting a Belly Scratch: [youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube] The video above is of Caymus and Murphy. Caymus is the larger of the two. Murphy is the one that is in the foreground in the beginning of the video. They are both great cats, thanks to Cindy Carpenter of Bluegrass Rags. This is an example of how Ragdoll cats play. Very gently, as you will see. More videos of Caymus and Murphy can be found below. [youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube] Caymus and Murphy Cleaning Themselves [youtube][/youtube] Caymus loves shoes!! Watch him roll around on these flip flops like they are catnip! Below is another video showing his fondness of shoes! [youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube] The videos below are of Mr. Caymus with a Yeowwww! Catnip Banana. Yeowwww! Catnip Banana are the ultimate catnip toys. Rags, Caymus and Murphy all love them. You buy them online by clicking on the link below. Yeowww! Catnip is the best organic catnip available, 3/4 ounce to be exact. Each Yeowww! Catnip Banana has absolutely no cotton fillers – just 100% organically grown, intensely scented catnip. [youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube] This is a video of Rags and Caymus trying to go inside because my neighbor has turned on his hose and Caymus is freaked out–Rags is just ready for a nap. [youtube][/youtube] This is me trying to coerce Caymus into his cat door to show you all how very smart he is. But, like a true cat, he decides not to flatter me with his intelligence. [youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube] I took this bird’s eye view of Caymus to show you what my brothers call “the walking ottoman”. Caymus is 18 lbs. of purr love! Below are videos of Caymus on top of my feet and we’re playing airplane! It is actually a terrific workout since he weighs about 17lbs and goes all limp when you pick him up, making him more difficult to balance. Caymus likes to fly. [youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube] Caymus getting his teeth brushed for the second time! [youtube][/youtube] Caymus playing with a string that is tied to his tail. [youtube][/youtube] If there is something you’d like to see Caymus do that you have not seen in his videos, let us know by leaving a comment below and chances are, we will give it a shot with Caymus!
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Hi, I’m Jenny Dean, creator of Floppycats! Ever since my Aunt got the first Ragdoll cat in our family, I have loved the breed. Inspired by my childhood Ragdoll cat, Rags, I created Floppycats to connect, share and inspire other Ragdoll cat lovers around the world,

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  1. thanks for the teeth brushing video, I had no idea how to do this, but always worried that it was hard and kept putting it off. I think my cats daisy and blanket will enjoy this. I am totally encouraged.
    thanks again and it is always nice to see people love there animals even a tiny toad. all the very best to all of you….

    what a cute bunch you make!!!

    1. Thanks! I love this cat – too bad he lives with my parentS!

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