Caymus and Neko Flies Interactive Cat Toys

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Interactive Cat Toy - Neko FliesCaymus visited this weekend, which was nice of my mom to relinquish him, so that Charlie, Trigg and I could have some fun with him.

I am really absolutely in love with Neko Flies interactive cat toys.  You might recall the product review we did on Neko Flies.

They are the best cat toy as far as cat wand toys are concerned.

In the photos Caymus is playing with the Neko Flies Large Kittenator – which happens to be my favorite Neko Flies – and then in the video (below) he is playing with the Neko Flies Karantula.

Caymus and Neko Flies Interactive Cat ToysNeko Flies are just classy and well-made and well, the cats adore them.  I think that’s what has made me love them so.  It is also one of the toys I can use to get them to have a lot of exercise without running around with them.  It’s a great toy to have if you watch TV after dinner or something like that because you can sit on the couch and wear out your cat.

Of course, another great idea this season is to buy the Neko Flies interactive cat toy for a friend of yours who has a cat.  Or you can buy your own kitty a special holiday gift.  I swear these are right up any cat’s alley.

These are especially great if you are going out of town and you have a pet sitter coming to take care of your cats – this is great way for the cat sitter to interact with your cat.

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Here’s Caymus – the most docile and laid back cat I know – playing with Neko Flies – please know this video shows more energy coming out of Caymus than he exerts on a yearly basis.

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