Caymus and Murphy’s Cat Dental Cleaning

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Caymus getting his teeth cleaned
Caymus getting his teeth cleaned

If you “like” on Facebook,then you know that last week Caymus and Murphy (my mom’s Ragdoll Cats) got their teeth cleaned.  Since their last dental (2 or 3 years ago) I tried to keep up with brushing their teeth, but only did it every now and again when I went over there.  I am all for brushing your cat’s teeth and my intention was to do it with Charlie and Trigg (to save money), but I haven’t done a good job at all.

My mom spent $777 for Caymus and Murphy to get their teeth cleaned.  I think this is pretty average – eventhough February is KC Cat Clinic’s Dental Month – so she did get 10% off.  Murphy did have two extractions so his cost a little bit more.  I have included photos from their experience below.

Laura, a vet tech at KC Cat Clinic, was kind enough to take these photos for me, so that I could put them on the website.  There are more on Facebook – you can check them out by going to Facebook.

Caymus during his cat dental cleaning
Caymus during his cat dental cleaning
Caymus getting xrays
Caymus getting xrays
Dr. Rose working on Caymus
Dr. Rose working on Caymus

I covered Rags’ dentals on the site too –

 Does your cat get it’s teeth cleaned?  Do you clean your cat’s teeth?  Or do you brush them?

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    1. Caymus was fine. Murphy was on more pain meds because he had two extractions. Murphy also swallowed something when he was 18 months old and consequently had surgery, so that feeling of being knocked out fears him and he was growling I think because of his confusion/lack of awareness/vulnerability. He growled at me at the vet (just like a “I’m not happy”) and when we got home, he growled at me again and then I fed him and picked him up and he was purring. So I think once he got his bearings he was fine.

      1. Although I understand that some cats growl out of fear and when a situation is not to their liking but it makes me feel sad sometimes when they growl at people they know. Poor Murphy, glad he did okay though after swallowing something!

      2. I used to take it personally but then wisened up! He is scared and confused and if you have ever been on a high dose of pain meds – you feel like crap! So I don’t mind it as it’s more like a grumpy feeling. NOW, if he did that when he wasn’t on a high dose of medication, then I would definitely take it personally and wonder what was wrong!

      3. I have learned to not take it personally as well since this is simply in their nature just as how we would probably complain vocally. My cat did the opposite when she was not feeling well, usually she was a diva cat where everything should be on her terms and only her terms. When she was ill though she began to not mind being pet randomly and would only lay still, when her pain reached the peak she actually snuggled with me and would press her head against things, me if I was near her. I truly felt sorry for her for being in so much pain during her last days with me and I hope she is happy wherever she is now. I did not get to have her for very long so I eagerly but patiently await for my next cat (a Ragdoll of course!) to come into my life when the time is right. I look forward to being able to share our lives together as we both grow and bond with him during his kitten years.

      4. Melody, the types of feelings and awarenesses that you’re drawing comparisons between are completely different. Murphy wasn’t in pain (hence the high dose of pain medication) he was probably close to hallucinating and when you a predator animal this takes away your power and control. His growling was a result of not being aware. Keep in mind, he was perfectly healthy going through that just had two teeth pulled.

        However, your kitty was actually in pain from an illness not on high doses of pain medication.

        Have you ever experienced surgery yourself? I think you would understand what I am talking about – for example, when I got my wisdom teeth out I was really out of it (worse than drunk) that whole day. That’s what Murphy felt – similar to us growning.

        I hope that clarifies it.

        I am very excited for you to get a Ragdoll and look forward to hearing about the process. As always thanks for commenting.

      5. Ah I see, thanks for the clarification.

        Ironically enough the only surgery I have experienced was my wisdom teeth and I am definitely glad that experience is long in the past! I was out of it as well after mine were taken out, but I basically just kept falling back asleep but I felt so much pain! My sister got lucky, just one and it could be pulled! All four of mine were growing but did not poke through the surface yet so they went in there and cut them out before they could grow since my mouth had no room for them. So not fun.

        Thanks for the different perspective, I still have much to learn about cats – I hope to take that journey with my future Raggies!

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