Catty Stacks Cat Gym

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While a cat gym is not likely to turn Fluffy into Arnold Schwartzekitty exercise and play of course are tantamount to a healthy happy cat. The Catty Stacks are just what the trainer had in mind. Not only is this a great workout place for your cat it also contains a cat condo and tunnel for exploring. This is clearly a great piece of unique cat furniture.

The cat gym is made up of several individual boxes that can be easily connected together – they also offer tubes that you can put in between the boxes to create cat tunnels.

The Catty Stacks can be used as a play area, a sleep area and more.  It is fun to put treats in the various boxes and have the cats go through the boxes to access their various treats. It is also large enough to satisfy the needs of multi-cat families. Have your cat get moving and enjoy this gym which will help him stay healthy and active for years to come.

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