CatsPlay Sisal Scratching Pole – All-Out Sturdy Solid Wood Pole

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For all cat owners out there, catch CatsPlay‘s discounted items! One of the best choices for discounted cat products is their sisal scratch pole tree.

The CatsPlay Sisal Scratching Pole is made out of a sturdy solid wood that is available in three sizes 18", 24" or 30" on a sturdy 16"x16" base. This sisal post is completely machined wrapped and glued to provide good fit and tight base surface. CatsPlay Sisal Scratching Pole

The best feature about this cat scratching post is that it’s absolutely reversible!! Once your adorable kitty wears out the top part of the post, simply take it apart, flip the whole pole over and reassemble for a brand new surface for your feline to enjoy and scratch on. It’s that simple! It’s like getting two cat posts for the price of one!!

With ten (10) different colors to choose from, this sisal is highly recommended for multiple cat households and aggressive, enthusiastic kitties. It also adds up to the cleanliness and hygiene of your feline since it can maintain healthy nails and saves your sofa from scratchings.

This Sisal Scratch Pole from CatsPlay was originally priced at $40.00 is on sale now for only $28.00! Stay updated with all kinds of cat products through Floppy Cats and our Floppy Cats Blog site.

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