CatsPlay Scratching Post and Nest

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CatsPlay’s unique 36" Red Cedar Cat Scratching Post and Nest is custom made from Eastern red cedar (also called aromatic red cedar) with a few chicken and ostrich feathers to add up to its stylish look. This cat scratcher and nest is 100% natural, made from solid cedar and has no particle board, plywood, carpet adhesives, etc. in it.

This item is made from a real tree, with its bark removed. It is 95% biodegradable and therefore better for the environment than standard commercial cat trees. It has not been sealed so it still releases a wonderful cedar scent.
95% biodegradable and environment friendly
Eastern red cedar is a purrfect scratching medium for cats, its creamy wood is hard enough for satisfying scratching yet not so hard as to splinter and stick in the cats paws. With a red heart and knot wood this cat scratcher can really stay very fragrant for which reason eastern red cedar is known as the aromatic red cedar.

At 3 feet tall, this piece is just the right height for placing in front of a window or behind a couch where your kitty can curl up in the 14" diameter wicker basket nest. And if you kitty is in a playful mood she can attack feather critters hanging from the trunk that will sway in the slightest breeze. The 26 inch wide cross shaped base is very stable and easily positioned in tight quarters.
36" Red Cedar Cat Scratching Post and Nest

This 36" Red Cedar Cat Scratching Post and Nest has been shaped, scraped, and han sanded smooth yet retains its natural apperance and interesting texture your cats will surely love to scratch! Price is $194.39 only at CatsPlay.

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