Cat’s Trapeze – Modern Hanging Cat Bed and Jungle Gym

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Charlie on The Cat's Trapeze
Charlie on The Cat's Trapeze

The Cat’s Trapeze is made in The Netherlands, but has recently become available for purchase in the United States thanks to their US and Canada distributor.

The reason I have coined it both a hanging cat bed and a jungle gym is because  cats can sleep on it, but it is also a great solution for kitties that like to climb curtains.

It comes in both a 2-pillow trapeze and a 3-pillow trapeze.

  • 2-pillow trapeze – $75
  • 3-pillow trapeze – $90

It’s made of unbleached cotton and is machine washable – gotta love machine washable when it comes to cat products!

Collapsed Cat's Trapeze and Target PillowsIt DOES NOT come with pillows.  You will need to buy pillows or have old towels, clothes, etc. to stuff the pillow areas with.   Round pillows are best, but even standard sized square ones will work.  You can learn more about the technicalities of hanging it.

There are some great videos of the Cat’s Trapeze, which will show you how great it is, and you can also see the videos I filmmed below to see how it is put together and see it more up close and personal:


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