Cat’s Trapeze Coupon Code Pre-Sale Special!

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Several years ago, we reviewed the Cat’s Trapeze, which is a hanging cat tree – great for kitties that like to climb (I’ve posted our YouTube videos about it below).

There is a new shipment of them coming in to the USA (they are made in The Netherlands), so they are offering a coupon code as a presale special!

Use code FLOPPY10 to get $10 off the price of a Cat’s Trapeze (either style – 2-pillow regularly sells for $99.99 and 3-pillow for $124.99). The pre-sale will run through March 15, 2015.

Cats Trapeze Coupon Code Pre-Sale Special

This is a PRESALE so orders will ship in mid-April.

Please note – they are only able to ship to addresses in the US and Canada.

Reserve yours today and don’t forget to use code FLOPPY10 to get $10 off the price of a Cat’s Trapeze (either style – 2-pillow regularly sells for $99.99 and 3-pillow for $124.99)

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  1. Grooming? My 8mth Ragdoll has done teething (hurrah) butt turns against her combs and brushes and treats them like kicker toys. It’s play not aggression. Knowing this does not get the fluff off her. I love my kitten, but I am allergic so need to keep the fluff to a minimum.

  2. What a marvelous, creative product! (I wish I could think of schtuff like this….) Wow! These look like all Kinds Of Fun! Charlie sure looked comfy and happy and frisky! 🙂

    I’m a bit surprised that a couple of hardware options aren’t included with the product for hanging (especially at the price of the products). I think they could have included hardware for suspending from a ceiling or hardware to mount from the back of stairs (like what you installed from Target). But, that’s just a minor issue really I suppose. And, it’s all a moot point as I couldn’t have one of these in our apartment anyway because the incredibly strict rules of hanging schtuff from the ceiling prohibit this type of fun (assuming I could find the cross beam to mount it from anyway…). Sigh…

    Overall, though, I still this looks like a beautifully made product!

    Thanks for such great info!

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarboo 🙂 <3

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