Cat’s Trapeze

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Cat's TrapezeComing home to shredded curtains, shower curtains, furniture, and even paintings, can be horribly upsetting.  Are you looking for a great alternative to these problems?

Cats are climbers by nature.  Why not offer your cat a safe, fun, and furniture friendly alternative to climbing your curtains?

With the Cat’s Trapeze, that is available in two and three pillow sizes, your Bicolor Ragdoll will have a safe place to climb and hang out when he or she needs to relax. The lowest level serves as a hammock for when your cat needs a comfy place to nap while each of the other levels contains a pillow that is perfect for hanging, climbing, or resting.

The Cat’s Trapeze is made of 100% unbleached cotton, can be machine washed when the inner pillows are removed, and comes with mounting hardware and a sisal rope for easy assembly. While the pillows do not come prestuffed, throw pillows or old towels work very well to offer your Blue Lynx Mitted Ragdoll a perfect place to hang out.

The Cat’s Trapeze varies in size from 3.5 to 4.5 feet without the attached hammock which can be added if desired. The trapeze hangs from the ceiling for easy access for your Ragdoll friend.

To order your own Cat’s Trapeze for 75 to 90 dollars plus 5 to 15 dollars shipping and handling click the link.

Do you own a Cat’s Trapeze? How do you rate its performance?

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