When Cats Stop Catting – These Hilarious Kitties Have Clearly Forgotten How Their Brain Works

Cats are brilliant animals, but just like anyone, they can sometimes have a moment where the synapses just don’t seem to be firing, and they zone out, completely forgetting how to even behave like a cat. As these gorgeous photos show, cats can look super-cute when their brain turns to mush, even just for a moment. In this collection of endearing snapshots, you’ll witness the charm of cats in their comical and momentarily perplexed states.

Purrplexed Paws

Photo credit: Deposit Photos.
Photo credit: Deposit Photos.

This cat looks like they were in the middle of something and then just completely forgot what they were doing. We’ve all been there.

Feline Identity Crisis

Photo credit: Deposit Photos.

Sometimes our brains just completely stop working, even just for a minute, and we can’t get back onto our train of thought. And this kitty proves that it happens in cats too.

Clueless Cat-astrophy

Photo credit: Deposit Photos.

This cat has climbed their way to the top of the ladder…but now what? There’s definitely some confusion here about what the next steps are.

Caught in the Act

Photo credit: Deposit Photos.

This cat looks like they’ve been caught in the middle of some mischief – and now they’ve frozen and don’t know what to do next. Back away slowly and let them carry on as they were…

Species Confusion

Photo credit: Deposit Photos.

This kitty seems to have confused themselves for a tortoise. The slow and sedate lifestyle definitely suits them!

Brain-Freeze Felines

Photo credit: Deposit Photos.

This cat looks like it needs to be restored to factory settings – things have just got a little too much, and it needs a fresh start to the day.

Adorable Antics

Photo credit: Deposit Photos.

Even when cats do look a little bit lost, they still look cute. This cat is proof – they might look like they’re a little strange, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to just scoop them up for a cuddle.

Pawsitively Absent-Minded

Photo credit: Deposit Photos.

Sometimes cats can have multiple attacks of absentmindedness. One minute they’re pouncing around, chasing their toy, and then…what was it, snack time?

Picture of Innocence

Photo credit: Deposit Photos.

This kitty knows that they’re not supposed to be hanging out amongst the laundry – but now they’ve been spotted, they don’t know what to do to get out of the situation.

Delightfully Dopey

Photo credit: Deposit Photos.

It’s easy to fall for a kitty that looks to be having difficulty working out its brainwaves. This cat definitely isn’t dumb, but it looks like thinking has taken it out of the little guy for today.

Zoned Out Cat

Photo credit: Deposit Photos.

Just like humans, cats can sometimes disappear into another dimension in their brains. The lights may be on for this kitty, but nobody is home right now.

Lost in Kitty Thoughts

Photo credit: Deposit Photos.

Cats can get distracted by their thoughts in the same way that we can. It’s easy to tell that this cat is not very present – something must be on their mind.

Alarming Moments: Cats Caught in Embarrassing and Compromising Situations

Crazy cat look
Photo credit: Deposit Photos.

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Does Your Cat Twitch When Being Pet?

Grumpy cat looking at the camera
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Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome – sometimes called rippling skin syndrome – is a condition that can affect some cats. It gives them extremely sensitive skin, which can cause them distress, particularly if they are petted in that area.

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