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Original Cat PodEvery living creature, human or animal, deserves a home they can call their own.  Cat Pods has created a sanctuary for your Ragdoll that serves the purpose of cat climbers, cat playpens, cat climbing trees, and sisal cat scratching posts all in one. 

The Cat Pod is a stand alone home and play area for your Ragdoll. The Cat Pod has a nine inch opening for your furry friend to hide and crawl through and holes through the top for curious paws to poke and scratch through. The inside and outside are perfect to keep claws in check.

The Cat Pod allows for cats to hide, sleep, climb, and claw without concern.  Made of 100% recyclable materials the Cat Pod is built to last with material that resembles wood more than cardboard. At nine pounds this pod will stay put when your cat is scratching away or just playing hide and go seek. Even the rounded design attracts cats as the contours are appealing to those of the feline persuasion. The final touch of a little catnip sprinkled on top makes this Cat Pod completely irresistible to your four legged friend.

Purchase your own Cat Pod or Cat Pod products for 19.95 to 99.95.

Do you own a Cat Pod? How would you rate its performance?

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