Cats on Catnip – Just Cats Boutique Catnip Toys

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After I did an interview with Just Cats Boutique, Marcia offered to send Charlie and Trigg some of her Halloween toys to check out.  FUN!

Trigg and Just Cats Midnight Mouse
Trigg and Just Cats Midnight Mouse

So today I opened the box with them:

I’m not reviewing these, but I have to say that I am sorta in the habit now to really check out things when they arrive – no matter if they are for humans or felines.  And I tugged hard on these suckers because I didn’t want Charlie or Trigg swallowing any small parts – and they held together beautifully.

Trigg and Just Cats Catnip Toys
Trigg and Just Cats Catnip Toys

You can buy these through Just Cats Boutique on Etsy.  They range from $5-$7 each.


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  1. Thank you for the photos- They are “Priceless!” Your Kitties are just beautiful and make GREAT MODELS!! The catnip effect is said to only last for 15 minutes per hr so glad you captured it! Happy Halloween!

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