Cats and Toilet Paper: EZ Load Toilet Paper Holder

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Do you have a kitty that likes to unravel your toilet paper?

Barb does – and when looking for a solution to this problem, she ran across the EZ-Load Toilet Paper Holder.  Here’s what Barb had to say: “I ordered two of these from Amazon a month or so ago….very reasonably priced.  One of my kitties is obsessed with shredding the toilet paper.  These holders have almost eliminated the problem……Bailey will still make an attempt to shred the TP in the guest bathroom if I leave the door open……..but he completely leaves it alone in the master bath now.  He can’t get his big claws into the top of the roll to tear it apart anymore, so the whole project is a lot less fun for him.  In addition to installing these, I gave him a box with his own roll of TP, so he can shred to his heart’s content in there….I know he goes in there and plays because sometimes I find bits of TP around.  I thought I would share this find in case anyone else is as frustrated as I was trying to stop this behavior.”

The EZ-Load Toilet Paper Holder sells for $12 & there’s FREE Shipping on orders over $25.

Have you tried something like this?  How did it work for you?


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