Cats and Rats: A Reader Shares 🐀 🐈

Jessica wrote me a short email, “Pete and Helen his girlfriend. 🙂 I just had to share with you.” with this photo:

Ragdoll kitten and rat

Not something you see every day, a Ragdoll kitten with a rat.

I have a high school friend who loves rats and also has cats – so I know they can get along well.

I replied, “oh my.  which one did you have first?  is the rat trying to lick inside the kitten’s mouth?”

Jessica replied, “They like to groom each other. We got them both about the same time actually.”

And I responded, “Interesting!  Have you had rats and cats before?”

And Jessica said, “I have. For years. Most of the time they do become great friends but Pete and Helen are a bit different.”

And then said, “How so?  I would love to do a feature about cats and rats!  Would be interesting to the readership, I think!”

Jessica then sent: “So the albino rats seem to especially get along with cats. They tend to be more trusting because of the fact that they are near blind/blind.

We have the rats out with us each night for “play time”. They are very well socialized.
With cats we introduce them slowly when the rats are babies. Most of the time it works out great. My old tabby cat that just passed wanted no part of it. But Coggie would let them sleep on him often and they groom his fur.
We got Helen right before Sprocket passed away and we got Pete.
Pete and Helen have grown up together and this is a new experience. Rats have short life spans so Coggie has seen many. Pete and Helen have been babies together. Helen loves Pete. She has escaped out of the cage 2 times to be with him when we are not here.
We had to teach Pete to be gentle but he never has his claws out with her and he just “mouths” her when they play. He usually falls asleep and then she grooms him like the pics that you saw. Rats are super smart and so far the Ragdolls and rats seem to be the best suited to get along. 😉 Pete is my first Ragdoll and I’m hooked now.  He won’t be the last. “
Cats and Rats A Reader Shares
Cats and Rats A Reader Shares 2
I asked Jessica if I could share our email communication on the site and she said I could.  I hope you found it as interesting as I did.

Do you have a pet rat with your cat? How do they get along?

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  1. Such a fascinating and very interesting post, Jenny! I had no idea that cats and rats get along so well!! A BIG THANK YOU to Jessica for her story and interview with you!!! Pete and Helen are super adorable!! And I assume that beautiful black kitty is Coggie… 🙂 <3

    (So sorry for the loss of your old tabby cat and Sprocket, Jessica. Please accept my sincere heartfelt condolences.) <3

    I have never had any rodents as pets while having kitties. 🙂 <3

    Big hugs & lots of love!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

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