Cats and Ice Cubes: One of Trigg’s Favorite Things

Does your cat like ice cubes?  Trigg freakin’ loves them.  It’s funny.  Check out the video below and let me know if your kitties do this!


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4 thoughts on “Cats and Ice Cubes: One of Trigg’s Favorite Things

  1. Mika says:

    This vid is so cute, love how Trigg gets his paw all down in the glass like a kid digging in a cereal box for the prize XD
    Charlie was like all in his shot at the beginning, that had me laughing so hard! It just seems like he knew that was Trigg’s moment and he just had to take the spotlight, lol.

    Mr. Darcy gets cubes in his bowl in the summer and didn’t seem to notice much, but I never put one on the ground for him so I dunno. He has a big thing for drinking from cups/glasses is probably why. If there is a straw in it all the better to him for some reason.

  2. Nickysmom says:

    Nicky loves ice cubes! As soon as he hears the ice cube dispenser he comes running to the refrigerator so I can give him an ice cube to bat around. It’s so funny to watch him!

  3. Beth says:

    This reminded me I used to put ice cubes in our kitties’ water bowl, must try it again next summer.

    Yes, I sat here hypnotized for the whole video – I admit it! Now I’ll go write Christmas letters 🙂

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