Catnip Present Cat Toy

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What is catnip? You will be surprised to know that it’s an herb that belongs to the mint family. Catnip has a unique ingredient known as Nepetalactone and when the cats smell it, there is a pheromone effect that causes them to behave differently.

Trigg's Paw and Yeowww! Apple
Trigg's Paw and Yeowww! Apple

A catnip present cat toy is the favorite among majority of cats.  Many manufacturers of cat toys make catnip toys where the catnip is stuffed inside the toy. Your cat will react by licking, sniffing, head shaking, head rolling and body rubbing.

Catnip is not addictive and is very safe for cats to play around. You can make catnip toys at home too. All you will need is catnip leaves and a piece of cloth, preferably muslin or flannel.

Cut the cloth in oval shape and stitch three sides of the cloth. Fill the opening with catnip and stitch it securely. You can use string to make mouse whiskers on the oval shaped toy.  Sew buttons to create an impression of eyes on the toy – your cat may like biting at these.  If your kitty is prone to biting and might swallow the buttons, then eliminate the button idea.

Your cat would respond in a very enthusiastic manner to the toy.  He or she will lick and chew the toy and the leaves inside the oval toy will turn into powder. Irrespective of the shape or the size of the toy, it will remain your cat’s favorite.

What’s your kitty’s favorite catnip toy?  Tell us more about it by leaving a comment below.

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