CatIt Water Fountain Starter Kit

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Like humans, our pets also require water as a vital element for their survival. A fact is that, water constitutes approximately 70% of a cat’s or dog’s body system.

Since our pets needed continuous supply of water in them, we, as their cat owners and parents should provide them with the best water supply.

Ever wonder if there is a product that will actually provide your pets with such water supply needed without any worry at all?

Well…with CatIt Pet Drinking Water Foundation…yes there is!!

CatIt Pet Drinking Fountain is here to provide your pets with the supply of water they needed. CatIt drinking fountain is made and designed with a re-circulating water that has a greater exposure to oxygen providing a fresh-tasting, cool, and filtered water to your kitties or even your doggies.

CatIt Water Fountain Starter Kit

This kind of pet product helps you to encourage your pets to drink more water that will surely help them ensure proper kidney function and prevent them from dehydration.

CatIt Water Fountain also decreases the incidence of your cat being involved in crystal formation and urinary disease (FUS). Such drinking water fountain is proven and tested to have multitude health benefits in it.

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CatIt Water Fountain Starter Kit Product Features:
• Re-circulating flow eliminates stagnant water
• Large surface area adds more oxygen to water
• Purifying filter cleans water
• Greater water capacity (100 fl oz/3L) so no more daily refilling
• Perfect for multiple pets
• Whisper quiet

CatIt Water Fountain Starter Kit is available through the Cat Connection for$59.99. Once you purchase a single fountain or a starter kit, a detachable food bowl will be included for FREE!

CatIt Water Fountain Starter Kit includes:
(1) Drinking Fountain
(1) Pack of Replacement Filter Cartridges (3pk)
(1) Place Mat

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