Catit Water Fountain Starter Kit

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Catit Water Fountain Starter KitCatit Water Fountain Starter Kit

On those hot days spent in the park or sweating it out indoors, nothing feels better than a long cool drink of water.  My bicolor Ragdoll cats feel the same way.  The Catit Water fountain Starter Kit  is a unique cat product that has allowed me to offer the cats fresh tasting, filtered, cool water whenever they desire a quick drink. Perfect for all your pets this water fountain re-circulates water to keep stagnant water from being created.

The Ragdoll kittens love a cool drink and I want to promote healthy water intake amounts so the water fountain is ideal.  In fact the cats seem to like watching the water movement as it cascades down into lower bowl.  The best part is that the Catit Fountain has a large capacity bowl so I do not have to worry about refilling it each day.  I cannot even hear the Catit Fountain as it runs whisper quiet all day and night. Even the dog gets in on the action as all my pets love to drink from the filtered water.

When someone orders the Catit Water Fountain Starter Kit extras are included.  Not only does the kit come equipped with the basics such as the fountain and 3 pack of replacement filter kits, but also with a place mat, and detachable bowl.  Who could ask for more?

I know I want my Ragdolls to be happy and healthy so this is just one small step I can take.

You can buy the Catit Fountain for 19.99

Does your cat use the Catit Fountain? How does he or she like it?

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