Catit Design’s Focus on Health and Hygiene

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Hagen Catit Self Groomer with CatnipNot only does Hagen Catit Design provide an awesome variety of cat toys, but the brand also offers products that help to maintain your cat's hygiene and health. Some of these cat products include grooming kits and drinking fountains that have filters available for them to ensure that your cat is getting purified water.

There is a Hagen Catit Self Groomer with Catnip currently available to encourage your cat to groom his or her self. Of course cats like to maintain their cleanliness by frequently licking their fur, but sometimes they need a little help. This product features plastic bristles that are durable and pleasurable to use. Your cat can rub up against this brush for a massage while also taking care of his or her hair that is being shed. This product can be attached to flat surfaces that your cat will have easy access to so that he or she will have more autonomy. In addition to providing a massage for your cat, the Self Groomer can have catnip added to it to further your cat's attraction.

Hagen Catit Design Fresh and Clear Cat Drinking Fountain, Original Cat Design also has their Hagen Catit Design Fresh and Clear Cat Drinking Fountain, Original available. The product comes with a carbon filter to remove impurities, bad tastes, and sediment from the water before your cat consumes it. This cat water fountain comes at an affordable price and provides fresh water for your cat continuously, ensuring he or she gets the nutrients needed. The product was designed in such a way as to maximize oxygenation of the water in an easy-to-use form that your cat will adjust to rapidly.



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