Catissa: Cat House

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The Catissa was designed by mojorno, as Russian design studio.  Each Catissa includes all the parts to assemble all four levels, 4 faux sheepskin cushions as well as the ladder.  The price of the Catissa varies from €309-€330, depending on the color you select.  You can see the various color options of the Catissa here.

Shipping costs:
€50 to All Europe
€90 to US and Canada
€120 to Australia and Japan




Wall Mounted Cat Tree Catissa

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  1. Wow! When I win The Lottery and get a nice house I’m going to get one of these and install it in my new home! What a beautifully crafted piece of functional art! Awesome!

    Thanks for sharing, Jenny! You come up with The Best Things Ever!

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Pink Sugar 🙂 <3

  2. Very nice any kitty fortunate enough to have one of these would for sure enjoy this neat creation.On my wish list for the Boys for sure .MEOW MEOW,Lisa Ceasar and Murphy.Two tails up and two meows!

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