Catios: Patios Designed Especially for Cats

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Kate Benjamin's CatioYou may or may not have read the New York Times article about Catios, entitled, “‘Catios’ Bring Cats Outdoors”.  It talks about creating an outdoor space that allows your kitty to be outdoors, but also allows them to be safe.

So in other words, it’s a patio for a cat or a Cat-io.  The catio involves a screened in porch or deck.

Cat owners have come up with some very creative ways to let their kitties enjoy the great outdoors, but at the same time allows them to be safe and protected.

Kate Benjamin, who we know from Hauspanther and her book with Jackson Galaxy, Catification: Designing a Happy and Stylish Home for Your Cat (and You!), also has a website about Catios, which you might want to check out to see more of how you might be able to set up a catio for your kitty.  Kate’s catio is the one pictured in this blog post.

Do you already have a catio for your Ragdoll cat?  Or do you let your Rag doll kittens outside?  How do you keep them safe?  Share your ideas with our readers by leaving a comment below.

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  1. My husband made my last era of kitties an outside “cat house” and they absolutely loved it. It is still up but definitely not photo worthy. He made it from a gazebo frame we purchased at Big Lots and then used rabbit mesh to fence it in. He then made steps up the wall in the basement and put in a cat door so they could come and go as they liked. It was nice knowing they were protected and could go in and out as they pleased. Also, made a human door for easy access that we keep locked so if anything were to happen, we could get in quickly. Have my tamed feral in it now, Mr. Punkie, (who doesn’t like to be photographed.) He really enjoys it.

  2. I let Prossimo out on my balconies. Since Yoda LOVES being out on the balconies and Prossimo was an outdoor cat in his prior life I’m not okay with closing off access. I know that my setup is considered controversial to some.

    On my large balcony I have two railings but I’ve covered the space above with ivy shrubs (fake!) and then put outdoor curtains over those. This allows a lot of sun, bird watching and outdoor meowing but no escape. I don’t even think Prossimo realizes there’s anything on the other side of the curtains (very OZ-ish!).

    On my smaller balcony there is no such set-up since that’s Yoda’s favorite spot to lay outside and watch the neighbors. It’s a small rectangle with three sides being railing (the 4th is my patio slider). On one of the shorter sides of the railing a catwalk of sorts is connected. It’s about 18″ wide and runs about 15′ long. He loves to go out there and “talk” to the neighbors, yell at me when I take Yoda for a walk and watch the world go by. It overlooks the outdoor space where he lived prior to him being forcibly adopted (does that sound better than stolen or taken?!).

    With the smaller one, even though Yoda likes to sleep out there at night too she can’t anymore, I close the dog door at dusk and not open it again until I get up. Prossimo could jump to the street if he wanted to but he doesn’t appear to want to! He hesitates withjumps of less than 3 feet in the house so a jump of 10′ (?) is outside the scope of his comfortableness and he’s already been out there, living 24/7. I don’t think he enjoyed that part of his life!

    I have a grumpy neighbor who doesn’t really care for animals in general and particularly hated this cat when he was being forced to live outdoors. Prossimo now sits up on that small balcony catwalk and talks incessantly to that guy and the guy happily talks back! My grumpy neighbor now stops me EVERY time he sees me to tell me how much he enjoys talking to Prossimo, how happy it makes him to see Prossimo safe & happy and that he enjoys Prossimo’s loud meows!

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