Catgenie 120

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Lotus Cat TreeFrom cat playpens to cat toys online, there’s only so much you can get for your beloved pet. One of the essentials though would be a litter box.

The Catgenie 120 takes your average litter box to a different level. It is a cat box that can take care of your kitty’s business all on its own. You just need to plug the water hose to the right nozzle of the machine and the other hose to drain the waste from the box and then set it for the time you want the product to function.

The litter bowl is filled with granules that resembles ordinary litter. However, you don’t need to replace it after your cat uses the box. CatGenie incorporated a scooper that sifts through the litter inside the box and removes all dirt and odor from it. It cleans itself after it throws the waste and urine of your cat. has the CatGenie 120 for $269.99 and they can ship it for free.

Do you have one of these? What do you think of the Catgenie 120?

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