Catgenie 120 Cat Litter Box

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CatGenieThere is nothing more wonderful than the companionship of a blue lynx mitted Ragdoll cat. Their affection and loyalty are simply undeniable. However, even the greatest of Ragdoll cat lovers will admit that the litter box is probably the least desired chore in the household.  The CatGenie 120 Self-Washing, Self-Flushing Cat Box is a unique product that cleans the litter and the box for you.

Cat Genie 120

The CatGenie 120 Self-Washing, Self-Flushing Cat Box connects to your cold water outlet and flushes your favorite Ragdoll cat’s waste away. The liquid waste drains through the plastic granules and is flushed away while solid waste is scooped up with the GenieHand and is turned to liquid for easy removal.  The basin fills with water and the unit begins cleaning the permanent plastic granules. The cat box can be set to clean manually by pressing the button, time activated, or cat activated. The SaniSolution sanitizes the entire unit and also has a drying cycle. The SaniSolution is safe for your cat and the biodegradable and recyclable packaging make this product very environmentally friendly.

This product is a safe, effective, and ecological solution to cleaning the litter box. For the Ragdoll cat owner that dreads the chore of cleaning the litter box, this product is a must-have. This unit is also cost efficient as the need to purchase litter is eliminated. The time saved from the seemingly endless sifting of kitty litter will be better spent on your blue lynx mitted Ragdoll cat.

Manufacturer: CatGenie

Do you own a CatGenie 120 Self-washing, Self-flushing cat box? How do you spend that extra time with your favorite Ragdoll cat? Tell fellow cat lovers what you like over in our Ragdoll Cat Forum

The CatGenie 120 Self-Washing, Self-Flushing Cat Box can be purchased at for $269.99 & this item ships for FREE through’s Super Saver Shipping.

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