Catemporary Cat Corner by the Refined Feline

Last Updated on August 13, 2010 by Jenny

Catemporary Cat Corner by the Refined FelineDo you have cats that love sleeping and playing don’t have enough space on the floor for them? You may to give them a perfect cat tower. Well, this stylish and unique furniture cat might just be the suitable one for your pet. The Catemporary Cat Corner by the Refined Feline can fit beautifully in any corner of your home and would look wonderful as an accent piece of furniture in your living room.

It has five platforms so your cats can climb up and down as much as they please. These cat perches are from where a cat may view their surroundings from various heights. Some people may think when the cat is sound asleep on a platform that it is a stuffed toy or a piece of décor! These platform cat perches measure 10” x 21” to ensuring that the cat is snug and safe while lounging on the cushions which are washable and replaceable. The oak veneer adds nice finishing touch to the stylish Catemporary Cat Corner that stands 70” tall, and you can pick from 4 different colors to suit your decorating style.
By providing your pet with various cat products, you get to give them what you need plus add accent pieces of furniture to your home. Want more Floppy Cats? Enter your email address to get’s updates plus you’ll be eligible to win our monthly giveaway.

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