Daily Ragdoll Photo: Archive – Abby Cat Loaf 2

This is one of the first shots done with strobe lighting. I really like the way her eyes pop. It is amazing what having sufficient light can do for saturation. She’s such a sweet little cat, putting up with me using her as a subject for all sorts of photographic experiments. At first, her asymmetrical markings put me off. They really grow on you, kind of like a beauty mark. I’m not sure what the official classification of her markings would be. She has blue points, white socks, and some tortie, asymmetrical markings. We know that she is pure Ragdoll, but she does seem to show some Birman heritage. Sweet little cat…

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Silia and Sophie – Ragdolls of the Week

In 2005, we lost our Maine Coon cat, Toonces, to poor health and old age. We were heartbroken, and we were seeking out another breed of cat to fill our hearts and our home. We went to a local cat show in Des Moines, Iowa. There we found a breed of cat that we instantly fell in love with Ragdoll cats.

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