Silia and Sophie – Ragdolls of the Week

In 2005, we lost our Maine Coon cat, Toonces, to poor health and old age. We were heartbroken, and we were seeking out another breed of cat to fill our hearts and our home. We went to a local cat show in Des Moines, Iowa. There we found a breed of cat that we instantly fell in love with Ragdoll cats.

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Interview With Kate Benjamin of

Kate Benjamin of was kind enough to do an interview with me for Ever since I started following her site in June of 2009, I have been wanting to ask her questions about her site, which I just love. Kate does it all on She designed the logo and all the site graphics. Kate has recently started where you can sign-up for the email list to get the latest news. Enjoy the interview and please feel free to ask Kate additional questions in the comment section below the interview.

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