Catch the End of Summer Sale of Mountain Cat Trees

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Mountain Cat TreesFrom now until the end of September, you will be able to get a fantastic 25% discount off any of the items that you buy from Mountain Cat Trees. That’s a lot of savings and this is one of the bargain sales that you can’t afford to miss! Check out the site now and see what high-quality and unique cat furniture your can get delivered to your front door. 

Mountain Cat Trees makes handcrafted feline furniture that can help your home look more pleasant with the cozy country-look. The needs of your pet come first, and every cat scratching tree has been designed for functionality and durability.

These kinds of cat furniture are better for your pet than carpeted scratchers, and your pet will love to scratch and perch on their new cat tree made from sisal rope and pine, poplar or birch. 

When you have a new cat scratcher, your pet might not use it right away. You can slowly introduce them to it and motivate them to scratch it by placing a little catnip on the sisal rope. When you provide your feline with quality cat products, their needs are met and you will have a happier and more contented pet. 

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