CatAmazing Cat Puzzle Toy Review

CatAmazing Puzzle Toy for CatsA Floppycats reader reached out to me through e-mail a few months back and asked me if I had ever heard of or reviewed a cat puzzle toy called, “CatAmazing“.  I had not – so I Googled it and then watched a few of their videos on YouTube.  I then told the reader that I would have no problem buying it – didn’t need to review it as I knew I already liked it, and here’s why:

  • It’s an interactive cat toy
  • It stimulates your cat’s intelligence
  • It’s eco-friendly, made out of cardboard
  • It’s an exercise stimulate – which helps
  • It’s a way to keep my cats from fighting because they expend energy getting treats out

Not that I need to prove myself right, but I did.  It is all those things I listed above.  I definitely recommend it!  You can see Charlie go after it in the videos below.

Buy the CatAmazing toy on Amazon or on CatAmazing’s website.

How to put the CatAmazing together:


Here is our arrival video.


Here is our final review video:


CatAmazing on Facebook and Twitter.

We received the CatAmazing toy from CatAmazing. Receiving the free product did not influence this post.

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  1. I purchased 2 of these Catamazing treat toys – it arrived yesterday and I just put it together today! My Ragdoll Tinkerbell has been playing with it ever sense! The moment I put it together and set it on the floor she jumped down from her perch and investigated it! I think she will really love this! Thank you Floppy Cats!

    1. Love it! Thanks for sharing the update! Sooo cute that she jumped down from her perch.

  2. Our Scooter, (Court Jester), could probably use a little intelligence update. I am just afraid it would take all the fun out of her antics. Neat product, though.

  3. Wow, this is great! Not only for the cat’s but also for the owners to watch them play, what great entertainment. My aunt has several cats that would love this. You cannot go wrong for the price of $14.95. I also like the suggestion to secure it with velcro, this would definitely make it easier for a larger cat to enjoy without flipping it over.

    1. yes, although the flipping over thing keeps them entertained too.

  4. AM Stewart says:

    After watching the video, it appears that the relative lightness of the box would allow my 20 lb Ragdoll to easily flip it and scatter the treats everywhere. My suggestion would be to buy some velcro strips and fasten the box to a tile or linoleum floor.

  5. I bought one of these after seeing your arrival video. My two cats love it, though they’re a bit rough on it and some of the holes on the top are not a bit torn around the edges. The note on the bottom is so cute- had no idea it was there until I found the box upside down one day!

    1. ack! i do not know how i missed all these comments! sometimes i feel like i am getting to everything, but i guess i am not. do you think the holes being torn is from their claws? I find that if I trim Charlie and Trigg’s claws and then let them play, they aren’t nearly as destructive.

      “The note on the bottom is so cute- had no idea it was there until I found the box upside down one day!” – I know! Made me smile even more! So clever!

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