9 Unique Cat Zentangles for Relaxing

Last Updated on July 8, 2021 by Jenny

Zentangles are beautiful drawings made up of intricate patterns, and both drawing them or coloring them in is supposed to promote mindfulness and relaxation. Many adult coloring books are made up of zentangles, and some people swear by them as a way of reducing stress.

You can find free cat zentangles online if you want to try coloring one yourself. Just head to Google, switch to an image search, and type in “cat zentangle” and you should find some options that you can download yourself.

Cat Zentangle Art for a coffee mug
Cat yoga zentangle art

However, many of them will have a watermark on them as they are copyrighted images that someone has made. These artists are super-talented and have a right to charge people to download their images.

It’s always good to support artists and small business owners, so here are nine really unique cat zentangles that you can download for just a small fee to help alleviate your own tension, and to give a helping hand to these talented creators.

Please note that this article may contain affiliate links. That means that if you buy something, I may earn a small commission. You can read my full disclosure at the bottom of the page.

Nine unique cat zentangles to buy:


1. Ornate cats by EugenikShop

This design features two cats with a floral design motif. The high-res image files included in the download could even be printed on a t-shirt or poster once you’ve colored in your own design.

Cat Zentangle Mother and Kitten
Mother and kitten cat zentangle

Purchase on Etsy – Ornate cats by EugenikShop

2. Walking cat design by SisterDarlin

A more intricate design, this walking cat image includes flowers, leaves, hearts and gemstones. With more detail and more areas to color it’ll keep you busy for hours, and can be a project you can keep returning to when you need to de-stress.

Sister Darlin Cat Zentangle Art

Purchase on Etsy – Walking cat design by SisterDarlin

3. Lucky Cat by TerminalGeekDigital

Based upon the Maneki-neko ‘lucky cat’ design that’s a popular figurine in Japan, this zentangle image includes flowers, Japanese script and a patterned rug area. It has larger spaces along with more elaborate sections, letting you mix up your shading depending on your mood.

Terminal Geek Cat Zentangle

Purchase on Etsy – Lucky Cat by TerminalGeekDigital

4. Lounging cat design by KeyKittyArt

If repeating patterns are visually appealing to you, this lounging cat may be ideal. Its body is split into sections with their own repetitions, giving you hours of detail to color at your own pace. It’s a larger design and will take longer than many others on this list.

Cat laying down - Cat Zentangle Art

Purchase on Etsy – Lounging cat design by KeyKittyArt

5. Intense cat head by RomanDigitalArt

If you want a more gentle introduction to zentangle artworks, this cat head might be ideal. It has fewer intricate details, with larger sections making it easier to stick to one color at a time. It’s still very striking and attractive despite the relative simplicity.

Fierce cat - zentangle art

Purchase on Etsy – Intense cat head by RomanDigitalArt

6. Long-haired cat by RomanDigitalArt

This design requires less coloring again, and with many darker pre-filled sections could be printed as an artwork as it is without looking bland or empty. If long-haired cats are more your style then check out this impressive design.

Long haired cat face - cat zentangle

Purchase on Etsy – Long-haired cat by RomanDigitalArt

7. Intricate long-whiskered floral cat by ZigiDesignStudio

This pretty design combines simple striking lines with the cat’s head and long flowing whiskers, and the finer detail of twisting plants and flowers almost woven into the cat. It’s another that offers variety – small sections when you want to focus, and larger areas for mindless coloring.

Sweet cat face with zentangles art

Purchase on Etsy – Intricate long-whiskered floral cat by ZigiDesignStudio

8. Yoga cat by NotaBeneSVG

This stretching cat in an almost yoga-esque pose has a lot of blacked out sections, but offers an alternative way of coloring. With negative space filled in, you can focus on using shades in the lines that form the patterns for a unique design of your own.

Cat yoga zentangles on a white mug

Purchase on Etsy – Yoga cat by NotaBeneSVG

9. Ornate cat (with rescue center donation) by DownloadsThatDonate

The simplest design in this list, this image will still be a pleasure for you to color in when you want to unwind and increase your mindfulness. At least 10% of this purchase will go to no-kill, non-profit animal rescue groups in the US too.

Cat Zentangles art

Purchase on Etsy – Ornate cat (with rescue center donation) by DownloadsThatDonate

Coloring books with zentangle designs

If you’d rather buy an entire coloring book for truly hours of relaxing downtime, you can find some great options on Amazon.

Check out Cats Coloring Book, which has 63 pages and features Mandala and Zentangle designs, or Zen Cats with 95 pages of doodle art for you to enjoy.

Leave a comment below with any zentangle designs you’ve found, or any other cat-related ways you like to de-stress and enjoy your free time.

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2 thoughts on “9 Unique Cat Zentangles for Relaxing

  1. Patti Johnson says:

    WOW! TYSVM for this SUPER PAWESOME & FABULOUS info, Jenny honey! I had NEVER even HEARD of Zentangles before! Of course, I have seen this type of artwork before but I didn’t know what is was called. Fascinating and I LURVE THESE KITTY Zentangles SO MUCH! SO PRETTY!!! 🙂 <3

    Big hugs & lots of love & purrs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3 <3 <3

    P.S. Don't have any other Zentangles to share but I do enjoy my Adult Kitty Coloring book to de-stress and, of course, just touching Miss PSB is an instant stress reliever! 🙂 <3

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