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Post Published on February 3, 2010 | Last Updated on July 15, 2021 by Jenny

What’s in your cat water dish? Hopefully, it’s clean!

Water for everyone is important and especially for your cat. Cats and water have always been an interesting subject—whether it be cats that absolutely love water or those that absolutely hate it.

Rags, my cat drinks water all the time. Of course, he’s 19-years old and he is in renal failure. Renal failure can be a quick thing or a slow thing depending on your cat’s body. For example, Rags drinks a lot of water and I give him fluids on a regular basis, so his kidneys are getting more water than, let’s say, someone else’s cat, therefore his kidneys will take a longer time to shrivel up, which eventually will lead to death.

There are some great products on the market to help encourage your cat drink more water. First, of course, you’ll want a water dish. There is also, the ever-so-popular cat water drinking fountain, which can be costly if you have to replace the cat water pump that comes with it.

Below are some great examples of cat water dish:

These are high quality bowls made from brushed stainless steel and high grade ABS plastics. Bowls feature non-skid rubber feet and handles. And sit at a slanted angle allowing for quick and easy access for your kitty.

This one is great for the cat show cat…who needs to save space, but can have water whenever.

Hydro Bowl Portable Water Bowl for Dogs

Hydro Bowl Portable Water Bowl for Cats

Here is a standard Stainless Steel
ProSelect Stainless Steel Pet Dish Dura-Weight (3 Qt Width=9.5")

ProSelect Stainless Steel Cat Water Dish Dura-Weight (3 Qt Width=9.5″)

Here is a great article on using bottled water for your cat.

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6 thoughts on “Cat Water Dish

  1. Cheryl Curb says:

    You were so right about cats being strange for a while after having the urinary problem…or probably being really sick in any other way. He is doing wonderfully, finally, for which I am thankful. He is eating again…eating the vet’s urinary SO canned food and dry…each in separate dishes…and is back to his active, ornery self. He seems happy as are we.

    Thank you for your comments about cats being strange. I kept hanging onto that and watching his behavior so it kept me going.
    Thanks again.
    Cheryl Curb

  2. Cheryl Curb says:

    Our ragdoll kitty, Sneakers, is doing much better now, thankfully. Thank you for your suggestions. He is on canned urinary SO from the vet and dry urinary food as well, each in separate dishes, and seems to be drinking from somewhere because he has large “litter plops” to clean. So he is a happy cat and I am too. Thanks again.

  3. Cheryl Curb says:

    Thank you for your last E mail. My kitty has been very weird since he was so sick but I never thought of it being because of that. I found your last E mail very interesting and encouraging. Today…10 days post-sickness…he is eating and playing. He seems very bouncy, back to his old self for which I am very thankful. He did drink a lot of water last night so maybe the food the vet prescribed for his urinary problems is actually beginning to make him thirsty. Maybe we have dodged the bullet…hopefully never to have it again.

  4. gail says:

    This kitty has probably suffered some effects from his bout with crystals and is very sensitive now.You can only do the best you can because they will shy away from any forced issues.Crystals are very painful and he will react in strange ways and you always have to be on the guard for return bouts of these crystals.When he gets thirsty enough he will drink but probably only where he wants and when.After a cat has been in pain they act very strange. Best of luck to you be patient and hang in there .. gail

  5. cheryl curb says:

    I have a neutered male ragdoll, 1-1/2 years old, who does not like to drink water. We have had one bout with complete urinary blockage with crystals so now he is on special food from the vet that he doesn’t like, either. As much as I love my kitty, he is driving me crazy trying to get him to eat what is good for him and drink water. I have 2 water dishes in the house and just got a fountain which he will sit by but not drink out of. He will drink out of running water in the bathroom sink…sometimes. Even then he gets suspicious that I may be telling him it is time to go to bed (he has the run of the master bathroom/closet at night so he doesn’t end up in our face during the night…this is also where his litter box is). I will try your suggestion of adding water to his canned food which I just started today (and he doesn’t like it). I was mixing wet and dry but he doesn’t like the wet at all and only tolerates the dry. Of course, this is the Canin food from the vet for his urinary problem. He was on Blue Buffalo, then switched to Evo dry mixed with wet before all this. I thought I would contact you since you have ragdolls and see if you could offer any advice. Thank you in advance.

    • admin says:


      I am sorry to hear of your troubles. I know how frustrating that can be – only because getting Rags ( to eat in his final months of life was frustrating. Urinary blockages can be very scary!

      He is not going to like one full can of water with his wet food if he doesn’t like water – like with everything with cats – I would start slow and move steady. So maybe just add a tablespoon of water to the wet food.

      Also, you might have to invest in wasting cans of food. I suggest going to Petco, Petsmart or your local pet store and getting an array of wet cat food brands and flavors. And then trying 1/2 can on him – leave it out all day – next to the food he likes.

      Also, have you tried the Royal Canin SO (Urinary) wet food? It comes in cans and pouches.

      Have you tried ice water on him?

      It’s going to be a process to figure it out, but if you care about your kitty enough, as you seem to do by writing in, I have a feeling you’ll give those things a try! What about his breeder? Have you contacted her to see why he may not like water?

      Also, this might be out there for you – but you might try an animal communicator – I interview a lot on the site and sometimes your kitty will tell you what the problem is!

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