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Have you ever wanted a silhouette of a cat on your wall?  Or maybe your child has begged you for cool wall art, but you don’t want to put up anything permanently.

Well, check this out – cat wall decals from Design With Vinyl.  These are self-adhesive decals that you can easily put up yourself and the best part?  They leave no mark when you take them down!

Cat Wall Decals

Design with Vinyl has a number of cat wall decal stickers available ranging from $4.95-$26.95.  You can even Design Your Own word art!

The possibilities are really endless – for example, do you take your cat to cat shows?  Why not put the name of your cat on the wall behind your station (if you have a wall) or if you are a vendor at cat shows – save on shipping your signs – just use the decals.

What sort of decal would you put on your wall?  Would you put up a cat?


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